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Janet Eastburn - - May 8, 2024




Janet Darlene Waddell Eastburn lost her heroic fight to cancer May 8, 2024. Janet was born October 23, 1972 in Fortuna. She grew up in Rio Dell and attended Fortuna Junior Academy from first to tenth grade. She graduated from Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in 1990. She was a lifelong member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In 1999 Janet gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kitana, and in 2019 she was blessed with a granddaughter, Saphira. Janet married Kenneth Eastburn in 2020 and they have had the privilege of raising Saphira for the last five years. Saphira was Janet’s joy and her reason to fight her illness far past the time the doctors gave her.

Janet loved fast cars and spent a lot of time helping with the races at Redwood Acres. She loved to spend time birding and collecting flowers with her mother. She was an amazing cook and baker. This past year she crossed several items of her bucket list, including swimming with sharks in the Bahamas. Her favorite thing though was to spend time with her family and friends at the beach. She loved to play in the waves and sink her toes in the sand. The ocean was where she went to find balance and restore her peace.

Janet is survived by her husband, Kenneth Eastburn, her daughter Kitana Neller, her granddaughter Saphira,        her sisters Robyn Waddell, Kimberly Unruh, and Valerie Wikander, her brother Timothy Elwell, and her niece Robyn Meija, plus aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who miss her dearly. She was proceeded in death by her mother Barbara Kanen and her son Arman, who she is waiting to meet at Jesus’s return. Janet loved the Lord with all her heart and knew the next thing she would know is her Savior telling her, We’ll done, my Daughter.”

Per her request a party to celebrate her life is being planned for July 27 at 1 p.m. It will be held at her friends: 790 Ireland St in Rio Dell.


Barbara Kanen - January 9, 2024



I write this obituary in loving memory of Barbara Jean Kanen, born October 8, 1948. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on January 9, 2024. I know obituaries are usually short and to the point, but there is no way to quickly sum up this amazing woman’s 75+ years of life. She deserves to have books written about her, but this will have to do for now. Hopefully by the end of this you’ll feel like you know Barb a bit better.

Where do I start? Barbara, Barb, Barbie, GG, Grandma Um, Grandma Jean, she really was a woman of many names. Please call her whatever you want to call her, just never call her Babs.

Barbara was born in Washington, and she was raised in Humboldt County where she remained her whole life. Barbara was the second oldest of 4 sisters, whom she absolutely adored.

Barbara spent her early life on farms and ranches while her father, Lowell Kanen, worked as a ranch hand and caretaker. She occasionally could be found helping him, but more often up to no good. She used to tell us stories about teasing bulls with brooms, dangling from the barn rafters, laying in fields playing dead waiting for the vultures to come get her, harassing the cattle, and generally being up to no good. When she wasn’t helping her dad and causing trouble, she was helping her mother, Bobbie Kanen, out with the more domestic side of life. Barb loved cooking, gardening and sewing with her mom, but she had some other hobbies as well. Such as giving bouquets of poison oak, jumping out of a second story window (at the age of 2) and in general giving her mom a run for her money. Even though Barb was the second oldest of her siblings, she was typically the leader in trouble making, teasing boys, and getting into trouble.

Barbara attended Fortuna Junior Academy, until the 10th grade where she went to Rio Lindo Academy and Lodi Academy to complete her high-school education.

She had developed a knack for baking and spent several years working at the little bakery in Fortuna, called Better Bread Bakery, and wedding cakes were her favorite to make. She made dozens of wedding cakes over the years.

Barbara got married in 1969, the following year her oldest daughter, Robyn was born. In 1972 her youngest daughter, Janet was born. She took in her son, Tim several years later. Barbara divorced 16 years into her marriage and continued raising her children as a single mother. Barbara went on to raise her oldest granddaughter, also named Robyn, as well. She taught us all of the skills we needed to be strong independent women, and that it’s possible to make it on your own.

Barbara was a devout Seventh Day Adventist and truly lived her life for God. She dedicated over 20 years of her life to volunteering as the Dorcas director for the local SDA church community service center, helping the homeless, running food drives and toy drives, filling bellies with warm food and giving people a warm place to sleep. She had an incredible singing voice, she often enjoyed doing the special music for the church service, singing hymns and praising God. She was also one of the church florists for many years and provided the church with bouquet arrangements for church service. Barb really did dedicate her life to volunteering for the church in every shape and form.

Barb was also a Pathfinder leader for several years, teaching multiple badges and honors, including the sewing and birdwatching honor, organizing camping trips, backpacking trips, camporees and fundraiser events.

She also spent many years helping with the SDA Redwood Area Camp Meeting meal program, treasury and coordination.

Barbara was a professional yenta, jack of all trades, animal lover, and a force of nature on her own. She had an answer for just about everything, a solution and a method, followed by 3 alternate options if the first answer wasn’t right. Barb was fiercely independent, hard headed and opinionated. She had a deep love for the outdoors and spent many deer seasons hunting with a bow & arrow, camping, backpacking, and exploring.

Along with her love for the outdoors of course came a love for birdwatching, agate hunting, wildflower picking and weather watching. I have spent countless hours, and I mean countless, sitting in the car being as quiet as a little kid could be waiting for whatever fancy bird she was prowling for to show up. Does anyone else remember calling the Audubon hotline for local rare bird sightings? I sure do.

In the first part of spring we would go pick wildflowers and she taught us how to perfectly press them, identify them, and she taught us what they could be used for. We have spent hours at the beach sifting through sand, building sandcastles and comparing who got the biggest agate of the day. She loved chasing storms, sitting in the rain, and watching the surf get way too close for comfort.

Aside from her love of birds and flowers, Barbara found tons of joy in her hobbies, primarily sewing and embroidery, painting and making floral arrangements. With her love of sewing she also became titled the family seamstress. She spent many years quilting with the church ladies making baby blankets for families and church members in need, sewing clothes for her girls, making dresses and blouses for herself, and every year at Christmas her grandkids got a set of homemade PJs. Barb also loved music, you could find her humming along to Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins, or a hymn almost constantly.

She shared her love of sewing with her daughters and granddaughters, she taught us to embroider and make our own clothes, she taught us how to fix, repair and maintain anything and everything, she taught us survival skills, hunting, cooking, baking, cleaning and above all she taught us patience.

Barbara lived life on her own terms, and nobody could change that. She was stubborn and loving, and was pretty sure she was always right. Most of the time, turns out, she was.

She was preceded in death by her beloved parents, Lowell & Bobbie Kanen, and she leaves behind her two daughters, Janet, and Robyn, her adopted son, Tim, her granddaughters, Kitana and Robyn, and her great grandchildren, Marshall, Saphira and Christina. She preceded her 3 sisters and their husband’s in death, and far too many distant relatives to list. Of course we have to mention her precious dog Bella.

Barb absolutely adored her family, but her great grandchildren were really the light of her life in these recent years.

There’s a lot more I could say about Grandma Jean, no words can sum up her life, but I hope this gave you some insight into the kind of woman she was.

Barbara’s celebration of life will be held March 10, 2024 at 1 p.m. in the Fortuna Seventh Day Adventist Dining Room. Please join us in her memory.

In lieu of flowers please make a small donation to Fortuna Dorcas, or the SDA church flower fund.



Jim Dyer - October 25, 2023



In memory of James Dyer

Jim was a member of the Fortuna SDA Church for 34 years. He retired from PALCO after 33 years. During those years he served as a Pathfinder Leader, Area Coordinator for Northern California District #1. He also served the church as a Deacon, Elder, and School board Chairman. He also worked at Redwood Area Camp Meeting for many years as the head of Security. He enjoyed Ham Radio and served as an Examiner for many years and used it to serve the community in many ways. Jim loved to work with Leather and taught it in Pathfinders. He also found it as a relaxing hobby and a way to bless others with all the items he made. As we all know he loved people and never met a stranger. His family was very dear to him, daily he prayed for his growing family and church. His dream was to see Jesus coming in the clouds.

He is survived by his wife  Marilyn Dyer, son Sidney and daughter in law Rita, Son Richard , Son Roger and daughter in law Valerie, 8 Grand  Kids, 19 Great  Grand Kids, 6 Great Great Grand Kids, and a his Sister Patricia Doane. 

There will be a Happy Meeting in Heaven, I Know, when we see many loved ones we’ve known here below, gathered on the blessed hilltops with hearts all aglow, that will be a Glad Reunion Day.


Chuck Lloyd - September 26, 2023



Charles Richard Lloyd born in Loma Linda — died Sept. 26, 2023, Fortuna.

How do I sum up our father’s life? Do I go back to his childhood? My grandmother says that he was a sweet boy that always liked to help out with everything. So I guess that is a good place to start. Fifteen years ago my dad moved to Fortuna and started going to the SDA church during which time he volunteered to bring food to the homeless. He built a life here trying to do for others even when he had nothing to give. He made friends everywhere he went with his sarcastic wit and his love of a good joke, although he’d still laugh at a bad one.

Our dad had three children starting with me in 1982, then my sister Mandy in 1984, and finally my brother James in 1996. In 2004 my sister gave him his grandson Daniel. He was married 3 times, first to my sister and my mother Wendy until they got divorced and he married my brother’s mother Darla where he gained a stepson Johnathan until she passed in 2005, then finally to his third wife until their divorce a few years ago. My mom also had another daughter Karrie after their divorce and even though she was not my father’s child he still treated her like she was one and when she had a daughter Trinity he treated her like a granddaughter. Maybe we all didn’t get along all of the time but we were a happy family for the most part.

He loved to create things with his hands, building fantastic pieces with any kind of wood that he could get his hands on. Beautiful cabinets that when into a friend’s home or the cabinets that helped our grandparents sell their house or the dresser he made for Trinity that was made to grow with her. He could do anything and watching him create will always be a strong memory for all of us.

There are a thousand little things we will miss. Like Mandy getting a happy birthday two days early and me getting one two days late, because no matter how many times we told him he had our dates switched he would still get it wrong every year. Sitting around the breakfast table waiting our turn to get his Spanish eggs, although it was probably not exactly traditional in any sense. Going off roading with him became a lifelong event that we shared with Daniel to carry on the fun we all had. Sitting and having conversations from things that were silly to philosophical debates and everything in between. We all carry on these memories and will pass them to the next generation to keep him in our hearts.

Sitting here writing this has made me nostalgic and miss when he was well before he started to feel sick. So many thoughts and wishes that he was still here to talk to just to see if there was some awkward and ridiculous joke that he thought I should add to this. Something silly and probably on the darker side. He would probably tell me not to cry or be sad. I’m only crying a little, but I’m not sad. Not really. We all miss him. We all wish his life wasn’t cut quite so short. I am not sad though knowing that he is finally not in pain and lives on in us. Every time I look at my hands I see his reflected in them, talking to my sister I hear his banter in ours, looking at my brother or hearing him laugh I hear a shadow of our dad in him and see how much he looks like him only a lighter version. Even Daniel has something of his that will always make me smile when I see it or hear it. We all got his sarcasm and quick wit. When we are all together we all do it and it’s because of him and his influence in each of us. We are all different, but there will always be that small part that makes us all the same.

He will be missed by his mother Ellen who knew him from the beginning of his life and his siblings that shared his childhood. He will be missed by his children, those that are by blood and those that are honorary. He will be missed by his friends, the old and the new. By all that loved him, faults and all.

James is wanting to get a service together, so if you know how to reach him he will let everyone know when he has put it all together. If you have any questions or a desire to attend please contact him and he will pass it along.

Thank you for listening to my musings. I know it turned out longer than I wanted, but it was still just a drop in time compared to a man’s life and all of the moments it contains.


Martha Allen - August 9, 2023





Marj Gaunt - July 9, 2023



Marjorie Ellen Gaunt was born in Sacramento, CA. She passed away July 9th, 2023, at Fortuna Rehab and Wellness in Fortuna. She was 101 + 7 months loved.

Marjorie lived near Miranda for 63 years at her beloved home in the redwoods. She and her husband, Sid, were part of the charter members that founded the Miranda Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1953. She was an active member there until 2015.

Marjorie loved gardening; her flowers were her pride and joy. She provided flower arrangements for her church on a weekly basis. She also won numerous ribbons at the local flower shows. Her love of flowers began when she worked at the California Nursery in Niles, CA after her high school graduation.

She received her stenographer degree from Heald’s Business College after high school, which prepared her for future employment. Marjorie retired in 1983 from the Department of Parks and Recreation as an office manager and secretary for 21 years at Richardson Grove State Park, and at Humboldt Redwoods State Park

She was preceded in death by her husband and high school sweetheart, Nolan Sidney Gaunt, in 1999. She is survived by her sons: Alan (Nancy) Gaunt, Merle (Diane) Gaunt, and daughters: Jeanne Denenberg and Jan (Dale) Sifford, as well as eight grandchildren (one deceased), 11 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be at a future date. Contributions in her memory can be made to 3 Angel’s Broadcasting Network, PO Box 220, West Frankfort, IL  62896, or to a charity of your choice.


Rosa Paredes - June 13, 2023



Rosa Ruiz Paredes, 92, of Hydesville, passed away on June 13, 2023 in the presence of her eldest daughter Lalita Brinckhaus, her grandson Dr. Nathan Brinckhaus, her niece Graciela “Chely” Cardenas Lima, and her husband of 67 years, William Paredes. She was born on November 23, 1930, in Contamana, Peru, South America.

Rosita was an accomplished cook, baker and friend. Sharing her food with family and friends was one of her great joys in life. She loved to garden — she and William had one of the loveliest flower and vegetable gardens along Highway 36. Her hobbies included walking, food preservation, listening to classical and religious music, playing the harmonica and volunteering at the local Food Bank. She loved to connect with people, catch up over the phone, and tell stories from her childhood.

Rosie worked as a nurse’s aide at Adventist hospitals both in Denver, Colo., and Glendale, Calif. She received her licensure in board and care and managed two board and care homes for the elderly in Riverside, Calif. For a short time when her grandkids were small, she operated an in-home daycare. She also provided In-Home Support Services for the elderly in Humboldt County.

Rosie’s avocation was to draw others to the love of God and in her 50s worked diligently with William to start a Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loma Linda, Calif. In her 60s, when she and William moved to Humboldt County for health reasons and to be near their grandchildren, she worked closely with the Fortuna Seventh-Day Adventist church to connect with the Latinx community, offering translation, rides, support, friendship, comfort and whatever was needed to share the love of God. Rosa was a lifetime Seventh-day Adventist Christian and a member of the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church for 30 years.

Rosie had a loving and generous personality, a beautiful smile, and infectious laughter. She was fiercely proud of all her children and grandchildren, and always carried high hopes that they would make an impact in this world for good. She greatly encouraged musical studies and higher education for all the young people she knew.

She is survived by her husband William Paredes; daughter Lalita Brinckhaus and son-in-law Ruben Brinckhaus; grand-daughter Emilia Brinckhaus Goodrich and grandson-in-law Cassidy Goodrich, great-grandchildren Ocean, Karianna, Keilani, Oasis, Coralrose, Kaleia; grandson Nathan Brinckhaus and grand daughter-in-law Isabel Lopes, great grand-daughters Aria and Ava; grand-daughter Ariana Rayburn and grandson-in-law Joshua Rayburn, great grandchildren Nathaniel and Ariella; grand-daughter Karina O’Shaughnessy and grandson-in-law Judah O’Shaughnessy; grand-daughter Claudia Velasco; daughter Mia Ruiz and daughter-in-law Barbara J Brown; daughter Adela Yanez and son-in-law Pedro Yanez, grand-daughter Daisy Yanez, grand-daughter Yulisa Olea and grandson-in-law Brian Olea, great grand-daughters Carmen and Rosalia; grand-daughter Adela Lou Lou Yanez.

A graveside service will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2023, at 12 p.m., at the Rohnerville Masonic Cemetery, 5254 Rohnerville Road, Fortuna.


Anna Hahn - May 27, 2023




Sandra Sue Carson - March 30, 2023




Suey was born in 1938 to Stan and Becky Houseworth in Seville, Ohio. In 1948 Papa Stan loaded up the family, including her brother Terry’s imaginary friend, Dickie Ronnie, and moved to California. Kinda like the Beverly Hillbillies. She graduated eighth grade from Rio Dell Elementary and attended Fortuna High. That is until dad came in to her Aunt Bessie’s café and swept his little “blue-eyed darlin” (dad’s sarcastic nick-name for her) off her feet and married her. March 26 marked 70 years of marriage for mom and dad.

Mom was kind of like Cher or Madonna. No matter where you went with her you would hear the cries of “Suey.” Some random person would come up and give her a huge hug. Mostly former co-workers from St. Luke Manor, where she was kind of like the “mother superior.” They remembered her because she listened, encouraged, laughed and loved them and it stuck with them years later. Three weeks ago a nurse asked me “aren’t you Sue Carson’s daughter, I used to work at St. Luke’s” Yep, Madonna, Cher and Suey.

Mom never met a person she didn’t love. Well……..maybe a couple, but they would never have known it. She told me once, “You don’t have to love everyone, but you have to treat them like you do.” That is how she lived her life. Her church and relationship with Jesus were the second most important thing in her life, which I think breaks the First Commandment, but we’ll get to that later. Mom loved her church and especially her church family. Working with Dolores Gardner after she retired was one of her favorite times of life. She formed a fast friendship with Dolores that lasted long after they both retired from the church. She knew she was serving Jesus by serving others. She loved the years she taught in the Kindergarten Sabbath School class and being the lesson study supply clerk. But what she loved most was bringing her children, grand-children and great grand-children to church.

Mom loved her family more than anything in this world. It is impossible to put it in to words and do that love justice. Her family was everything. Three generations, soon to be a fourth, received the benefits of that love. Basically, her family was her only hobby. Her time was spent taking the kids on trips to the beach, Safari World, Brookings, Redding and especially Disneyland! She would do twelve days of Christmas for all the kids until there just became too many and she couldn’t remember what day she was on and what she had already given to which kid. Plus, dad would cut off her Christmas shopping money! She would plan “picnic on the floor” nights when blankets went on the floor, snacks abounded and a movie was played. Dad’s favorite quote (and gripe) was “when I die I wanna come back as one of your grandchildren.” We’re waiting, Dad!

Mom had the greatest sense of humor! The goal was always to tease and harass her until she was laughing so hard she had to run to the bathroom, her belly was hurting or sometimes she even had to pull the car over to finish laughing. It was just so easy to do. Humor came easily to her. Many people (and some family) did not understand our family’s sense of humor which some would say bordered on verbal abuse. But that is just how we roll here. Mom always said, “if my girls aren’t teasing, harassing and calling me names I know they’re mad at me.” And that was a two-way street my friends. Mom gave as good as she got. Sometimes she accidentally made us laugh by some of the crazy things she didn’t even realize she was saying. Like when “someone” accidentally shot a doe not a buck during hunting season and frantic conversations with words like game-warden, and fines were being thrown around. After listening to all this worry mom simply said, “just cut its head off and the game-warden won’t know if it’s male or female.” Think about it. You’ll get it! We call these kind of statements “Sueyisms”.

There are just so many people to thank. Kathy McWhorter. She loved working with you at St. Luke Manor. You too, teased and harassed her making you part of the family. When she came home from Napa, you came down to be with her. You held her hand, shared memories with us, laughed and cried. We know she sensed you and felt your love. Thank you for that.

Paulette Houseworth and Sharon Eglin. You guys came almost every day that mom was home. It didn’t matter to you that she didn’t know you were there. You sat in the quiet with her and just held her hand. You supported all of us as much as mom during that time. Those last days were made easier for us because you guys were there and helped bring some sense of normalcy and distraction during in a challenging time. Paulette I remember when Uncle Jim passed and we were sitting there and mom was saying it wasn’t fair that he went first. She was saying why couldn’t he stay and I be the one to go. You looked at her and said, “because God knew we would need you” and you were so right.

John Denny. When Aunt Bobby passed you and mom became so close. You two understood the same pain of losing a mother and a sister. You were bound together in your grief. You, Gracie, Natalie and Sarah meant so much to her. She swept you all up under her wings and tried to fill a void in your hearts . Thank you. We love you.

Now, the Two Tims. Whitchurch and Elwell. You guys were her sons. Tim Whitchurch you grew up with Connie and just naturally wrangled your way in to the family. You always teased her and made her laugh, and always made sure she had your home-made bread. You checked in on her faithfully and would do anything for her. The crazy things you got your self in to and all the things you always lost kept her quite entertained. We love you for it. Tim Elwell. You too were raised as part of our family. For 60 years you have been her son. You always teased her, made her laugh and checked in on her. At church you always made sure she drank plenty of water and saved her a place. Our pew will never be the same. Thank you and we love you.

Evon Bowling. You guys were babies raising babies when Dad and Amos introduced you. You two didn’t even like each other. But that changed and you spent the next seven decades helping each other collectively raise six kids that to this day consider one another brothers and sisters. Ron and Pam are mom’s children of the heart and our siblings. To Connie and I, you are our other mother. You were her sister, not just her best friend. Thank you for calling everyday when mom was home to check on not just her, but Connie and I as well. When I put the phone up to her ear that day and she heard your voice, she opened her eyes and tried to talk. She knew whose voice that was and wanted you to know it. We can not love you more for sticking with Suey through good and bad times and loving her forever.

We have to say thank you so much to Hospice of Humboldt. Your tender care, compassion and encouragement helped us give mom the best care we could. Thank your for patiently answering our questions and showing us the best way to keep mom comfortable. What you do is not easy, but we saw the heart you have for this kind of work in everyone who came.

Mom did not need to pound people over the head with a Bible to teach them about Jesus. She just lived the love of Christ. Like she said, “you don’t have to like everybody but you have to treat them like you love them.” She knew where her hope and strength came from and never stopped praying that all her friends and family would come to know the grace of Jesus.

In recent years one of mom and dad’s favorite past-times was to compare whose aches and pains, hearing and vision were the worst. It was a feverish competition of some sort. Not sure who was winning. If mom was falling behind, she never hesitated to play the Parkinson’s card. Were sure that they’re up there somewhere comparing whose recent ambulance rides, airplane ride and hospital stays were the worst. There is a Spanish saying that translates to “distance is just a measure of love’s reach.” The distance is unbearable, Mom, but we feel your love. Keep laughing and we’ll see you on the other side.


Michelle Mason - March 17, 2023




Jana Lufkin-White - December 24, 2022




Jeannie Beach - January 30, 2023



Raemel Oliveira - January 26, 2023



Raemel Jean Oliveira was born on November 3, 1949, in Scotia, California, and entered into her rest on January 26, 2023. She was the first of three children and had a sister named Claudia and a brother named Matthew.

Growing up, Raemel had a strong work ethic. She would get up early to chop kindling for the stove and in the afternoon, she would stack hay, feed the livestock, do yard work, and bring in vegetables from the garden. She attended FIA Christian School for her freshman and sophomore years and then went to MBA Christian School for her junior and senior years of high school.

Raemel continued her education at PUC, where she received her master’s degree in education. This started her journey to teaching grade school in Anchorage, Alaska, Colorado, and a private school near Grass Valley for many years. Eventually, she moved back to Fortuna, where she started teaching at FJA and also took up square dancing. This is where she eventually met Fred Oliveira, whom she married in 1990. Raemel was blessed with two teenage sons, Timothy and Jason Oliveira.

Raemel is survived by her son Tim, his wife Heather, her grandchildren Jeremiah, Kayla, Kimberleigh, Skyllar, and Ethan, and her great-grandchildren Dakota, Brylee, Sawyer, Morgan, Jeremiah Jr., and Ellie. She is also survived by her niece and nephews, Sheena and her four children, Eric, Randy, and Nathan.

Raemel was preceded in death by her grandson Corey and her husband Fred. Arrangements are under the direction of Gobles Fortuna Mortuary, and her memorial service will be held at Fortuna S.D.A. Church on March 4, 2023, at 3 p.m.


Diane Sargent - January 2023


Don Charlton - January 2023




Jerry Carson - December 9, 2022



Jerry, Dad, Papa Jer, the Rev and a few other not so nice nicknames was born in Oakland, Oregon on September 8, 1935. Most of his childhood was spent in the Marysville and Brownsville areas of California. He helped his dad build a sawmill that provided lumber for the Diamond Match company. He was raised off and on by Elmer and Myrtle Cratty, his maternal grandparents whom he loved with all his heart for the stability and spirituality they provided to him.

Swearing 100 percent that he had no part in the high school prank that prevented him from walking across stage for his graduation at Lodi academy he quit school a month early and took a job at a broom factory where he met a lifelong friend, Amos Bartlett. At some point dad left the broom factory and found himself in Humboldt County, where he eventually landed a job with Pacific Lumber Company. He worked in the woods, the sawmill and eventually in to the machine shop, where he worked as a welder for over 35 years. He retired at age 62 after 45 years of employment. While working in the machine shop he met “his son” as he called him, Guybo lamb. They were friends and co-workers for decades. Guybo was very good at visiting faithfully and harassing my dad…..just like a real son would do. Dad was very proud of the longevity he held with the company. He always said he wouldn’t have been able to build the home he loved without Palco. Both because of the wage he earned, but also because of all the building supplies he pilfered from Palco with the help his good friend and partner in crime, Mike Eglin.

It was during his lunch break from PL one day that he wandered in to a little café in Rio Dell and the rest, as they say … is history. For this is where he met his “little blue-eyed darling” Sandra Sue Houseworth at Aunt Bessie’s café, where she was a waitress. After a road trip to Reno with my dad’s mom, they were married on March 26, 1953. They then came clean to my grandma that my mom was “not quite” the 18 they had led her to believe for which she then pulled the car over and made my mom have the ”come to Jesus” phone call to her parents. We loved holding this over mom and dad’s head whenever we were told we weren’t “old enough” to do something. It rarely worked but was just so fun to rub in. March will mark 70 years of marriage for Jer and Sue.

The pride dad had for his home was nothing compared to the pride, peace and happiness that he found at his “most holy place,” Ruth Lake. When his then son-in-law Mike Gillam first saw the 20 foot run-down trailer with 8 flat tires, he could not believe that dad said they were going to tow (drag) that trailer the five miles to the property. To Mike’s horror and surprise they did tow it there. Dad continually added improvements to his place to make it his home away from home. Whether it was weekends with his family, quail hunting with his friends, handcuffing said friends to the deck in the snow, totally cheating during fishing tournaments or spending time around the campfire with highballs, cigars and friends and family, there really was nothing else that gave him such happiness. One evening after a sunset cocktail cruise on the pontoon boat he said this, “I was sitting on that boat and I looked around and saw my beautiful wife, and family, the sun was setting, I had my highball and my cigar and I thought I have everything I need right here except for Louie Armstrong singing “it’s a wonderful world”. And indeed he truly did have it all.

His other source of true contentment and happiness were the many, many, many hunting and Jeep trips to Rainbow Ranch, Nevada, Alturas and of course Wyoming with his beloved lab “Baggs.” The tails, adventures, mishaps and things that really should have stayed in Vegas, (and yes there are pictures to prove it) gave him years of joy in the re-telling and embellishing these trips. Dennis Jones, Mike Eglin, Frank Bryant, Dave Gilmore, Wayne Swanson, Harry Dibble, Bob Woodson & Lon Lyman, we thank you for the years of friendship, many adventures, one or two arguments and most of all the love you gave to dad. You were not just his friends you were his family.

We truly cannot thank all of our family, friends, church members and community members for their prayers and support during this time. Thank you for the visits, flowers and food. Thank you Hospice of Humboldt for giving us the tools and information we needed to make his last couple of days comfortable and peaceful for him. All he wanted was to pass at home, facing the view he loved so much. You helped us give him that. His wife Sue will continue to watch over their two daughters, six grandchildren, 13 great-grand children and one great-great grandchild on the way.

Rest in peace Papa Jer and as always, “Get In, Sit-Down, Buckle Up and Shut-Up.”


Marilyn Babienco



Marilyn June (Becraft) Babienco was born in Portland, OR and peacefully went to sleep in Jesus on December 3, 2022 in Niles, MI at age 90.

Services will be at Pioneer Memorial Church at 11 a.m. Sunday, December 11, 2022. Arrangements are coordinated by Allred Funeral Home. Messages and memories may be shared online at In lieu of flowers, donations may be directed to Pioneer Memorial Church Children’s Sabbath School departments.

Marilyn was the youngest of the five children of Virgil and Verda (Burg) Becraft. Marilyn graduated from San Diego Union Academy and La Sierra College and obtained her Registered Nurse Diploma from Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing. Shortly after graduation, on October 2, 1955, she said “I Do” to Bruce Babienco and remained faithfully married for 67 years.

Marilyn genuinely thrived on caring for and serving others as a Registered Nurse in family practice, newborn nursery, and nephrology settings. As a pastor’s wife, she shared her musical talents playing piano for Sabbath School classes, church services, soloists, camp meeting classes, and most recently in the PMC Kindergarten Sabbath School.

Her husband Bruce had pastorates in East Oakland, Redding, Red Bluff, Alturas, Fall River Mills, Fortuna, and Pleasant Hill, CA; Milwaukee, WI; and Detroit, Lansing, and Flint, MI.

Bruce and Marilyn retired to the Berrien Springs area in 2002. Marilyn loved to share her cooking talents at many Sabbath and holiday meals as well as cooking schools. Marilyn demonstrated her leadership talents leading out in Women’s Ministries at the First Flint SDA Church and blessed countless newborn babies with knitted baby afghans, booties, and hats. Marilyn loved attending women’s conferences and was a voracious reader, often excitedly sharing her best, most recent findings with others. On Saturday nights or holidays, Marilyn could often be found fiercely competing in games of Scrabble or Upwards or patiently piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

Marilyn loved her children and grandchildren. Later in life, Marilyn succumbed to the insidious waning brought on by Alzheimer’s disease and yet loved to ask “What can I do for you?” to friends and family she encountered.

Marilyn was preceded in death by her brothers: Virgil James, Robert, and David Theodore; and is survived by her sister, Margaret Gadreault. Marilyn is also survived by her husband, Bruce; daughter, Kathy (Fred) Babienco; son, Steve (Lynell) Babienco; daughter, Cyndi (Eduin) Caballero; “adopted” daughter, Nancy (Daniel) Garcia; grandchildren: Elizabeth Asher, Jennifer (Travis) Pierce, Michael Dowling, Ryan (Brianna) Babienco, Michael (Caitlyn) Babienco, Kristin Babienco, Zoey Caballero, Lissa Caballero; and seven great-grandchildren.

The family would like to express much thanks to the staff of Woodland Terrace and the staff of Caring Circle for their tender care of Marilyn.

Marilyn lived a life of love and service to others, through whom she will continue to live and bless others.



Cecil Williams - Nov. 27, 2022 - Age 94



Cecil was born in Kansas to a family of six children.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Grant Williams and Annie Ruth Dunks Williams; his sisters, Clara Taylor and Wanda Andrews; his brothers, Alton Williams and Francis Williams; and his first wife, Evelyn Harwood Griswold, mother of his two children.

Cecil is survived by his wife of 46 years, Frances Dale; a sister, Onitta Smith; his two children: a son, Joseph Williams and a daughter, Carol Galyean; 5 grandchildren: Brian, Steven and Krystal Williams, Christopher and Jonathan Galyean; 5 great-grandchildren: Jade Routledge, Chloe and Lily Williams, and Jeanette and David Galyean.

Cecil’s ancestry includes several generations of Seventh-day Adventists, so he grew up in a vegetarian, strict, Christian home with family worship taking place every day. Cecil remembers falling asleep as a young boy during family worship as they read through many books by E.G. White, such as The Desire of Ages.

His father, Grant Williams was a blacksmith and a man of many talents. Both of Cecil’s parents were talented musicians. His mother Annie Ruth, played the piano and organ for church on a regular basis, and his father had a fine solo voice, often singing solos for church services and other functions with his wife at the piano or organ. Annie Ruth also had a talent for drawing and painting.

Cecil’s grandparents donated a large portion of their farmland in Keene, Texas to the Adventist Church. It was there that the church built Southern Adventist University.

Cecil married Evelyn Harwood in 1947. Evelyn was an excellent student, and while she and Cecil were both attending Pacific Union College, Evelyn pursued her nursing degree. Cecil worked as a baker in the college bakery, and also worked on construction of the new dormitories while he attended night classes. He did not want Evelyn to worry about finances or study time.

He and Evelyn moved to National City, California, where Evelyn finished up her nursing degree at Paradise Valley Adventist Hospital. Cecil worked in a bakery there while attending Cook and Bakers’ School in the evenings. They later moved to Humboldt County, where Cecil worked for The Pacific Lumber Company for 42 years. He also worked in the woods cutting timber on a part-time basis on weekends and holidays.

During the 1964 Flood in Humboldt County, he received a commendation from the County for his efforts in rescuing many people from the flood waters. He worked with the helicopter crew, flying all over Humboldt County to rescue stranded flood victims.

Cecil loved making new friends, and was always friendly and ready to lend a helping hand, from making firewood to fixing things for people. His kindness and Christian life were an inspiration to all who knew him. Throughout most of his life, he gave many Bible studies in the evenings and weekends, bringing many souls to Christ. He loved his Bible and knew it well.

Cecil enjoyed working as one of the leaders in the Fortuna Pathfinder Club when there were over 100 club members from grades 3-6 and grades 7-10. He did this for several years.

In 1976, Cecil married Frances Dale, a music teacher at Fortuna Jr. Academy.

One big problem a music teacher faces is obtaining enough funds to tune or repair pianos for school and church, and also for repairs of instruments for school band programs. It is often difficult to even convince others that they need tuning or repairing.

Because of Cecil’s unique and creative skills of being able to repair or build almost anything, along with his love of music and also having perfect pitch, he was encouraged by Ms. Dale to become a piano tuner, and Cecil was very enthusiastic about this new endeavor.

With his wife, Ms. Dale giving him full support, he finished the Niles-Bryant School of Piano Tuning Course. In order to gain experience, he began his work repairing or rebuilding all the pianos in the children’s divisions of the Fortuna SDA Church. He also performed extensive work on the camp meeting pianos. At that time, it was the practice to take several pianos out to the campground and move them back to the church after camp. Guess who moved them back and forth from the church to the camp, cleaned all the dust and dirt out of them, then repaired and tuned them to be used at church after camp?? This went on for several years until the days of the Clavinova, when it was no longer necessary to haul heavy pianos out to the campground.

Piano by piano, he began obtaining a lot of experience, while Ms. Dale put up with pianos moving in and out of their home, having the dining table become a mini workshop, with piano parts all over the place, piano strings and other related odds and ends hanging in the carport and other sundry places.

He joined the Piano Tuning Guild for the Redwood Chapter. The piano tuners of Humboldt County held regular meetings with ongoing education in the art of piano tuning. He and Bill Swackhamer became quite good friends and they worked on several projects together. Bill was one of the local piano tuners and also the music teacher at Fortuna High School. Cecil also gained much knowledge from Danny Gurnee, who at that time was the resident piano tuner for Humboldt State University.

After working with Danny Gurnee and another man who was a repairman at the local music store in the art of band-instrument repair, Cecil began to pick up more skills in band-instrument repair. Danny affirmed that he was a real natural at it.

Cecil also became very skilled at moving pianos, and developed several unique maneuvers for safety and portability. He was quite in demand for moving pianos, transporting them all over the county.

Cecil continually honed his skills, almost never charging for his work, and therefore helping hundreds of music students and church musicians to have a working instrument on which to play or learn. It was his gift to the musical endeavors of the community. He truly was a ‘Musical Repairman Ambassador’ for God’s work in the Adventist Church and School System, and for the musical advancement of this community.

He enjoyed playing his trumpet in the Scotia Band, where he was a member for 53 years. He was so proud of his 50-year pin, which was presented to him in one of their special concerts.

Cecil’s health began to decline after a heart attack. He remained mentally alert, but began to withdraw due to increasing deafness, and failed physically due to the weakness of his heart. He passed away on November 27, 2022, at St. Joseph Hospital, with his son Joe at his side. He was 94 years old.

He will forever live in the hearts and memories of those who loved and knew him.


Sharon Privat-Perry - Passed away September 27, 2022


Will Spurling - September 10, 2022



William J. Spurling passed away peacefully on September 10, 2022 after his battle with cancer.

Will was born in Burbank, CA. He and the rest of the Spurling family settled in Sunny Brae shortly thereafter where he spent his early years before moving to Arcata. Always the entrepreneur, Will started a landscaping business in the 1980s servicing clients all over Humboldt County before shifting gears (pun intended as he would have wanted) and taking over Henderson Center Bicycles. Through his work at the bike shop, he supported the Tour of the Unknown Coast, sponsored local BMX, and spent countless hours chatting with anyone traveling through his shop. After retiring from the bike shop, Will became a poker dealer at Bear River Casino where he elevated his love of the game beyond a tournament hobby.

Will is survived by his beloved wife of nearly five decades, Joeann. A caring and devoted husband, they built their life together around northern CA before ultimately settling down in Fields Landing. Their home rapidly became an oasis as they built numerous structures and gardens. Whether it was putting in a new koi pond or a chicken coop, they spent an endless amount of time perfecting the house. When they weren’t working on the house, they took countless trips to their favorite haunts in Crescent City and Reno, always stopping to feed their favorite squirrels and watch the elk.

Will was a man of many qualities which he passed on to his kids. He could play musical instruments without formal training (Dan), was an excellent poker player and strategist (Dave), was known for his ability to build or fix just about anything (Dean), and had an insurmountable amount of grit (Amy).

Will is survived by his stepson, Dean Stevenson and his partner, Noreen Cady of Fort Bragg, CA; daughter, Amy Spurling and her wife, Theonie Alicandro of Boston, MA; son, Dan Spurling and his wife, Wendy Spurling of Lancaster, OH; and son, Dave Spurling of San Diego, CA. He is also survived by his grandchildren Addie, Gretchen, Simeon, Annabelle, Isaiah, Tyler, and Tess. He is predeceased by his stepson Bob Stevenson and daughter Leah Polacek.

Will was also survived by his brothers, Harry Spurling and Patrick Spurling and his sisters, Joy Smelser, Michelle Pontoni, and Melody Poff. He was predeceased by his parents, Wayne and Ellen Spurling.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to Hospice of Humboldt.



Andy Schueler - to February 11, 2022



Andrew “Andy” Henry Schueler was born in Fortuna on Schueler Lane, located behind Rohner Park. He attended Fortuna High, a member of the class of 1945, but he missed his graduation as he was drafted during World War II, serving in Korea. 

Andy met the love of his life, Lorraine, at the Fortuna Skating Rink and they would go on to be married for 71 years.

Andy was in the first graduating class of the College of the Redwoods. He enjoyed his career as a head saw filer at various mills throughout Humboldt County.  He was remembered by many as “Handy Andy,” as there was nothing he could not fix or repair.  He loved helping others. 

Andy enjoyed a long retirement, filled with his hobbies, woodworking, playing games and pool with family and friends, and traveling.  His daughters Joyce, Doris, Mary and Penny will always be thankful for the example he set with his strong work ethic, positive attitude, and beautiful smile. Andy was a Christian, loved singing “Amazing Grace,” and attended the Seventh Day Adventist church in Fortuna, and Fields Landing Calvary Community Church.  

Fun Facts about Andy at 96 years of age:

  • He loved riding his scooter around Fortuna with Lorraine and his dog Sweet Pea on his lap.

  • He was still mowing his yard himself. 

  • He enjoyed visiting the Fortuna Library, and read up to a book a day.  

  • He was happy and smiling all the time.  

He is greatly missed by his family: Loving wife Lorraine, sister Evelyn Ogle, son in law Randy Couch, daughters Doris (Dennis) Miller, Mary Schueler (Kevin Waters), Penny (Jens) Klinger, grandsons Ryan & Travis Osborn, Andrew, Kurt, Thomas & Karl Klinger and great grandchildren and special friends Steve & Cindy Gubanez, Dick & Deborah Ecker. The family would like to extend their gratitude and thanks, to Rebecca Morris and staff from the Veterans Center in Eureka for their loving care of Andy throughout the years.  

In Lieu of flowers, Andy would want all of us to share our smile with others each and every day. Private arrangements are being made.



John Sutsch  -  January 23, 2022





Ralph Davis - January 3, 2022



Ralph Davis passed away peacefully at home on January 3, 2022. He was born to Harold and Edith Davis in Lansing, Michigan.

When Ralph was two years old his parents moved the family to the Matanuska Colony in Palmer, Alaska before it became a state. As part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, the colony project settled 203 families as farmers in Matanuska Valley promising each of them 40 acres, a house and a barn. The family was selected for the first group of colonists after a series of interviews. Farming in the area presented daunting challenges: a short growing season, high freight prices, high labor costs, and small, distant markets for produce.

It is not surprising that a few years later, the family moved to the coast, where Ralph’s father could earn a living as a fisherman. Ralph and his older brother, Ron, served as the crew. During this time Ralph decided he wanted to become a ship’s captain. His formal education began in the log cabin, one-room school his father helped build in Homer, Alaska.

He graduated from Auburn Adventist Academy in Washington state, then enrolled at Walla Walla College. During his freshman year, he was drafted into the army where he was assigned to a dental clinic. This experience changed his career goals. After discharge, he returned to Walla Walla College determined to study and go to dental school.

At Walla Walla University he also met the love of his life and future wife, Bobbie Jo Marx. He proposed to her while she was a nurse at Portland Adventist Hospital. They were married in Roseburg, Oregon, on June 14, 1959.

Ralph completed his dental degree at Loma Linda University in 1963. The minister of Arcata Seventh-day Adventist Church, who was looking for professional families to join the community, actively recruited him to the area.

The Davis family, including their two children, Steve and Ruth, arrived in Humboldt County in 1963 and set up the first dental office in the town of McKinleyville. Dr. Davis was a well loved and respected dentist, practicing dentistry for 51 years. Mrs. Ralph Davis would like to thank the faithful employees who worked in his office: JoEvelyn Miller, Connie Yaple, Kim Buhler, Ruth Davis, Steve Davis, Susan Sturges Wallace, Chuck Tibbets, Amy Bertholf Norton and Virginia Oman, who said Dr. Davis was the best boss she ever had.

Ralph joined the Arcata Rotary Club in 1965 and served as its president in 1979-1980. He treasured his Rotary friendships and contributing to the community. He was often asked to lead out in the invocation, one time singing “Jingle Bells” for a holiday. But he will be remembered for vigorously ending many of his invocations with “God bless America.”

In his leisure time Ralph pursued his love of operating ships and fishing. This culminated in 1989 with his purchase of a decommissioned World War II ship. Originally commissioned in 1944, the USS LSI -1091 delivered troops and their equipment to the front. Dr. Davis refurbished the ship, and used it for albacore fishing for nine seasons. In 1995 Ralph was invited to bring the 1091, the last operable LSI, to a Navy reunion in San Diego. He and ten former LSI sailors sailed the ship to San Diego where it hosted more than 6,000 visitors before returning home to Eureka.

The Davis family would like to thank several physicians involved in Ralph’s medical care: Drs. Phil Wagner and Winston Craig who pioneered the opening of a VA clinic in Eureka; Dr. Henry Crevensten, of the San Francisco VA, who told Ralph’s family that seeing him was the high point of his day; and Dr. “T” (Tovian) along with the health care team at St. Joseph’s Providence Hospital.

Ralph was at home with hospice care when he died. At 2 a.m Bobbie Jo gave him what was to be a final kiss. By 4:30 a.m. when Ruth checked on him, he was gone. Ralph would have wanted his family safely asleep while he transitioned to his final anchoring place.

Each family member has specific memories and family routines they miss the most after Ralph’s passing. Steve misses his Dad on Sabbath mornings as he has now taken over getting family and friends to Sabbath School and church. Ruth misses the ritual of saying good morning and good night to her Dad. Bobbie Jo will miss the family vacations, and especially car games and singing.

A ‘Celebration of Life’ for Ralph will be held at 2 pm on Sunday, February 27, 2022 at the McKinleyville Seventh-day Adventist Church on Central Avenue in McKinleyville.



Margaret Tilstra (Marie Aldinger's mother) -  January 2, 2022

Margaret was born in Burma/Myanmar and passed away in College Place, Washington.  Survivors:  Sons, Daniel, Douglas; daughter, Marie Tilstra Aldinger; brother, Harry Beckner; sister, Clara Beckner Adams; eight grandchildren; three great-grandchildren.  Margaret volunteered at church in the children's divisions, telling stories and playing the piano;  she served as Arcata church treasurer for several years; she prepared food for potlucks and Maranatha teams. 



George Patterson Miller - November 27, 2021


     George Patterson Miller passed away in his home on Sat.  November 27 at 10:20. At his side were his wife Sharon and a couple family members who were singing favorite hymns and reading the bible out loud. It was one day before he and Sharon’s 67 th anniversary.

     George was born in the Victorian house on ‘L’ street in Fortuna. He grew up as the youngest of 7 on the family ranch in Holms where he thrived in a free roaming atmosphere. He prided himself on his aim with the slingshot and his ability to get vehicles unstuck from the river bar. He thought he would like to become a veterinarian

     George graduated from Fortuna High in 1954. While himself a student there, George had the responsibility of driving the school bus, delivering the students on the southern route. In those days the busses were equipped with governors on them to control their speed. After dropping off the last student, George was known to intentionally break the governor by over revving the motor while on a down-hill run, thus enabling him to drive the speed he wanted to- At least until the problem was noted and was repaired.

     George had a good friend who had been invited to a birthday party but alas he had no way of getting to it. He invited George to the party because he had a car. Even though George didn’t know the birthday girl, he bought a gift for her that he thought was useful. The young ladies name was Sharon Caples and her boyfriend was pretty proud of the personal gift he had gotten for her-a pillowcase. Cheeks were glowing red when George’s gift was opened-a pair of underwear!

     After graduating, George was working at the mill up Bull Creek when he noticed a very industrious young lady painstakingly washing the windows of her parents’ home-everyday, the same time he was off work. It was the girl from the party. They decided to marry but there were two problems. Sharon was just entering her senior year at South Fork High. George had to promise her father that she would finish high school. Secondly, George was too young to get a marriage license so they had to take his father with them to apply. The two were married on November 28, 1954.

     Soon after their marriage, along with a group of several young men, George lined up at the recruiting station to serve his country. To his disgust, before his name was called, the office closed for lunch, telling the young men who were left to “come back later.” George never did.

     March 24, 1956, first child- Sandra was born in the Scotia Hospital. Second child-Stephen followed on April 19, 1958. He holds the title of being the last baby born in the Scotia Hospital. On August 25, 1961, their final baby was born-Christopher in Redwood Memorial.

     After trying his hand at a few jobs, George settled on being a faller of “the big trees” for gyppo loggers. He continued in this career for 28 years. On several occasions through these years, during the summer months, the family could be found camping near where George was working.

     George and Sharon joined the Fortuna Seventh-Day Adventist around 1958. They have been faithful       members since. The family was fully involved with the churches pathfinder club for young people.

     George, with his many abilities became the head deacon of the church. The purpose of this job is to keep up the facility and to be helpful to members with specific needs.

     In the early 60’s, the family settled on Bellview Ave. in Rio Dell. They stayed here for about 10 years before settling permanently on 3 acres in Fortuna. It was here that George thoroughly enjoyed having room to raise a few cows, sheep, and bees. He planted numerous fruit trees and every year grew a big garden.

     To keep his small family cared for and in private Christian school, and because he was a jack of all trades and a work-a-holic, George took on many extra jobs which included, but weren’t limited to, making ‘split stuff’ on the beaches, doing any type of home repairs for people, auto mechanics, rental manager, straightening pond bars and guard rails- to name a few. George had his own shops in which, any number of projects could be found. Later in life, because his keen eye detected maintenance and improvement needs in the facility of the Fortuna Adventist Community Service Center, he was offered the maintenance job which he filled for many years.

     It was around 1980 that George did a 360 degree career change. He started working for a local dentist manufacturing dental implants and dental tools. His perfectionism and ingenuity shone in this profession in which he continued for over 30 years. George was frequently called back to falling for friends and acquaintances and this he enjoyed greatly.

     George is survived by his wife Sharon J. Miller, his children Sandra D. (and Mike) Riley, Stephen A. (and Tammi) Miller, and Christopher L. (and Deborah) Miller. And by his brother Gerald (and Glenda) Miller, 6 grandchildren and too many great grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to list.

     A memorial will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 3:30 pm at the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fortuna CA. In Lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department, 320 S. Fortuna Blvd. because their lift assist team was called to the house on many occasions, or to the wonderful people at hospice with whom we were just getting acquainted.


Robert Poli - Passed away November 10, 2021


Jerry Elwell   -  October 4, 2021  


Theodore (Ted) Immanuel Madsen - Sept. 24, 2021


Ted was born in Cotesfield, Nebraska to Theodore Hansen and Victoria Amelia Madsen.  He left this world and into the presences of his savior, Jesus Christ.  Ted served his country through service in the U.S. Navy followed by a lengthy career with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  Ted married the love of his life, Gladys Ruth Hartman in 1971 and would eventually adopt two boys, Brian and Gregg.

Ted was a devoted family man, cherished friend, and faithful member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fortuna. 

He is survived by his sons, Brian Madsen and two granddaughters of Sacramento, Gregg and Patricia Madsen with three grandchildren of Texas; stepdaughter Robin Bibby of Redway; nephew Leon and Alice Wright of Sacramento; niece JoElla Hall of Grants Pass, Oregon; along with many other cousins..

He was preceded in death by his wife of 37 years, Gladys, his parents and half-brother Ralph (Etta) Wright of Sacramento.

Friends and family are welcome to attend a Memorial Service Saturday, October 2, 2021 at the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2301 Rohnerville Road, Fortuna at 3 p.m.  Fellowship and light snacks to follow at the Adventist Community Center.


Carl Johnson-Zumwalt - August 6, 2021  






Verity June (Falgout) Gladden, 1957-2021




Verity June (Falgout) Gladden went to join her parents in the loving arms of Jesus on the morning of July 24, 2021 after a valiant, 25-year battle with kidney disease.

She was born as one of the first 10 babies born at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka to Marshall and Agnes Falgout. She grew up in Loleta as the youngest of five children. She spent a lot of time in her dad’s barbershop and was a member of Loleta Community Church. She attended Loleta Grammar School and graduated from Fortuna High School in 1975, where she made many lifelong friends.

June lived the majority of her life here in Humboldt County with a brief time in Okinawa, Japan, with her first husband, where she gave birth to her first child, Jennifer. In 1984 she married Alfred Gladden, and proceeded to have two more children, Jared and Andrea. She was a Jill of all trades and held a variety of jobs that included babysitting, selling ice cream at Candy Sam’s at the Humboldt County Fair, worked in the dietary department at Redwood Memorial Hospital, waitressing at Denny’s, working at Kmart and Walgreens and well as working as a poll worker for the elections board. Her favorite job of all was being a mom and grandmother.

Despite many hardships in her life, June always had a positive outlook. She always met obstacles head on and never let them define her. She lived her life to the fullest and enjoyed every day. June absolutely loved horses since she was a child and owned several in her life, and also had a large collection of glass horses. She also bowled in a league at Empire Lanes in Fortuna with her mom and several of her friends. She was very proud of her high score of 210. June loved to be surrounded by people and truly enjoyed game days with family, outings with friends and family, and Friday brunches. She was a lifelong SF Giants fan and enjoyed taking weekend trips as often as possible. There was rarely a day that you wouldn’t see a smile on her face.

June is preceded in death by her parents, Marshall and Agnes Falgout, as well as numerous aunts and uncles. She is survived by her siblings, Marshall and Mona Falgout, Victor and Lynne Falgout, Ray and Lezle Falgout, and Velma and Steve Town; her children Jennifer and Brad Pitek, Jared Gladden, and Andrea and David Wrisley; her grandchildren Dayna and Jason Newland, Natalie Kendall, and Destiny and Faith Wrisley. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her including Al Gladden, her “second mom” Beverly Stafford, numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins, and her closest friends Leslie Burchfield, Janelle Littlefield Voigt, and Denise Davi. Also the Gladden family, and her Denny’s, Kmart, and Walgreens “family”. We want to give special thanks to her wonderful dialysis family for the fantastic care and friendship that June received. There are too many friends and family to list, so if you are reading this and thinking fondly of June, please include yourself in this list.

A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 2 p.m. at the Loleta Community Church located at 218 Church St., Loleta. All are welcome. For those wishing to, in lieu of flowers, please donate to the National Kidney Foundation at


Raymond George Haberstock, 1932-2021

Raymond George Haberstock passed away March 2, 2021 at the age of 88.

Raymond was born to George and Signe Haberstock in Arcata.

He attended school in Shively, where he grew up and excelled in his academic studies allowing him to skip two grades. He had many fond memories growing up in Shively, then attended Fortuna Union High School where he graduated in 1949. After high school Raymond entered the Army where he was stationed in Georgia and Alaska. In 1955, he returned home to Humboldt County where he became a land surveyor. His passion for land surveying became his work and love. Raymond continued to survey until 2020 making his license one of the oldest numbers in existence, Ls 3431.

Raymond Haberstock is survived by his wife of 63 years, Annette Haberstock, two children Kent and Craig Haberstock, sister Jeannie Haberstock Thorp. Three grandchildren; Cody, April, and Shane. Raymond is also survived by several cousins, nephews and nieces.


Larry Harville - 2021




Larry grew up in Texas and served in the U.S. Army in Korea.  He taught in public schools and Adventist schools, teaching at FJA in the 1980s.  He is survived by his wife Sandi, and son Michael, both living in Bakersfield.


David E. Weber - 2020



David E. Weber, 82, left his family and friends on December 20, 2020 to be with his Lord Jesus. Born to Doris and John Weber, he graduated from Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon in 1956. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and learned his craft as a dental technician while stationed in Germany for most of his 3-year duty. As the son of a German who immigrated through Ellis Island, he spent his off-duty weekends touring the German countryside on his BMW motorcycle, visiting his many aunts, uncles and cousins.

When he returned to civilian life in Portland, he continued to work in dentistry. He met and married his first wife (of 25 years), Jerrilynn Kimpton, in 1960. Together they ventured to California to start Weber Dental Laboratory in Fortuna in 1966 then moved the business and their young family to Eureka in 1972. Owning and operating his laboratory for 50 years, Dave was a visionary in his field, eagerly embracing advancements in technology throughout his career. Dave married his second wife, Mary Zumwalt, on December 20th, 1987, and celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on his final day on this earth. He would often share examples of Mary’s extraordinary patience and understanding, and then joke that it was a requirement of her 2nd full time job — being married to him!

Throughout his life, Dave was active in charitable and professional service clubs. He formed the local district chapter for the California Dental Lab Association and was president of it for many years. He let all the members know that if they dared to miss a meeting, they might find themselves voted into his role in their absence! He also served as president of the California Dental Lab Association, Humboldt Toastmasters, and St. Bernard’s High School Board of Regents and as an active member of Kiwanas and the Fortuna Knights of Columbus. A highlight was a trip to Guatemala with a local team of dentists offering free dental care to the indigenous people.

In his younger days, Dave enjoyed many outdoor activities, including fishing, running, bicycling (including participating in the Tour of the Unknown Coast), backpacking in the Trinity Alps and Marble Mountains and snow skiing at Horse Mountain, Mt. Ashland and others. He enjoyed the anticipation of each trip as much as the trip itself, carefully waxing the skis, or preparing the pack to be as light, but complete, as possible. A self-described “foodie”, perhaps his penchant for tasty, healthy food began in creatively planning light-weight scrumptious backpacking meals. Many family trips in the 1970’s were spent at Trinity Lake, boating and water skiing with family friends. Later, travels with Mary and family included the Bahamas and many historical US cities as well as a special trip to Europe. Throughout his life, Dave appreciated cars — in his younger years owning an MG convertible and a Corvette, in his later years, attending the Fortuna Autorama without fail. Dave always loved the latest technology, whether buying one of the first microwave ovens sold in Humboldt County or exploring the latest gadget or smartphone. As much as he loved showing off the features of his latest find, he was just as happy listening intently to a friend or family member explaining all the bells and whistles of their own new car, phone or whatever it may be.

Always the philosopher, Dave was a believer, and an avid reader of self-help and Bible study books. He never stopped learning. His faith was his foundation, and he shared it sincerely. He continued to look for the positive, and that attitude helped sustain him through the physical decline that Parkinson’s disease and advanced osteoporosis wrought. He expressed appreciation and found ways to share joy and encouragement with all that he came upon.

He is survived by his brother John (Mary) Weber and sister Elizabeth Brainard, his wife of 33 years Mary Weber, and his children Dave S. Weber, Bryan (Donna) Weber, Ann (Michael) Gordon, Michael (Julie) Weber, Jeffrey (Naneen) Weber and Shanna (Tito) Meza. Dave leaves behind his stepchildren Diana Camba, Jeanna (Rob) Milton and Tina (John) Parkhurst, as well as 16 grandchildren — Natalie Weber; Eric Weber and Amy (Weber) Sawant; Grant, Brett and Brooke Weber; Mikaela, Tyler, and Ander Stanley-Camba; Sylver, Jaspyr, Jayde and Myca Milton; Naima and Nathanial Parkhurst; and Miguel Meza. Beloved colleagues and friends include Kim Lucas, Jeff Yeider, doctors Richard Wolven, Jon Omey, David Kime, Lane Thompson, the Weber Lab Crew and many, many more. Dave had many long, dedicated relationships with customers and his many employees. Dave frequently mentioned to his family his dear friend Jerry that he met at Redwood Memorial Hospital chapel, who regularly visited and called as he became more and more housebound. Dave felt truly cared for by his medical team, holding Dr. Rubin Brinckhaus in the highest esteem.

Final arrangements are being made by Gobles Fortuna Mortuary. There will be a COVID-compliant private graveside service. A Celebration of Life is planned for June.


George Whitchurch, Sr.  - December 14, 2020



George Warren Whitchurch, Sr.

George was a native Californian, born in Marysville. He lived in many different areas of the state during his growing-up years. His family settled in Humboldt County in the late 1950’s. George married Susan Carol Bird on December 23, 1962 in Fortuna, California. Together, they had four children, Laurel (1964), George Jr. (1966), Heather (1968), and Michael (1969).

George was an active member of the Fortuna Seventh-Day Adventist Church and was well known in the community for his fruit-selling business on the main boulevard in Fortuna. George’s business allowed him to make friends everywhere he traveled to sell fruit including Garberville, Portland, and Happy Camp. He loved to travel and made life-long friends wherever he went, including Australia, the Philippines, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Canada, and all over the United States. In addition, George will be remembered for his willingness to always lend a hand to anyone in the community who came to him for help or advice.

George passed away from respiratory failure on Monday, December 14, 2020 at Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna. He is survived by his loving wife of nearly 58 years, Susan; his children, Laurel & Brian Baker, George & Lorinda Whitchurch, Heather Whitchurch, Mick Whitchurch & Renie Hellyer; thirteen grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren (with two more on the way). He is also survived by his siblings, Ed Whitchurch, Jr., David Whitchurch, Willie Whitchurch, Mardy Whitchurch, Tricia Valentine, and Tim Whitchurch. A private family service will be planned for the coming spring.

Eternal rest grant unto George, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.



Dona "Marie" Hough - December 8, 2020

Beloved sister, wife, mother and grandmother Dona “Marie” Hough, died peacefully in last half hour of Tuesday, December 8, 2020. She was born in American Falls, Idaho, to Dewalt and Bertha Kiehn Hoffer.

After working her way through and receiving her degree in Elementary Education from Pacific Union College, Marie taught briefly at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Quincy, Calif. She was working on her master’s degree when she moved to Fortuna in 1963 to teach at Fortuna Junior Academy, where she taught grades 5 and 6 from 1963 to 1966. She met Ken Hough and they were married in June of 1966.

Marie was an accomplished musician, serving the Fortuna Adventist Church as pianist, vocalist and choir director. Although she stopped teaching to help her entrepreneurial husband in real estate, she maintained her love of children, working as a substitute teacher at the Adventist School, leading children’s divisions at the church and helping with many church and school programs. She served as an elder in the church, with many people benefiting from her gentle wisdom and perspective.

Marie is survived by her husband of 54 years, Ken, her sister, Betty Pramberg (Ken), her daughters, Colleen Hough (Don) and Doris Pires (Rick), and her stepchildren, Arlene Stafford and Kenny Chapman. She has two grandsons, Matthew and Andrew Fillman, a step-granddaughter Sarah and a step-great-grandaughter, Talulah. She has two nieces and two nephews, Brenda, Bonnie, Ben (Sandi) and Bill Tracey. She leaves behind many friends.

The family honors Ken for the oversight of Marie’s care at home and extends their heartfelt thanks to the ladies who have lovingly given it over the last four years, most recently Sarah, Misty, Chelsey, Adelina, Kelli Ann, Terra and Ronette. Special thanks also to Dr Kate Estlin and Dr Donald Baird for their insightful guidance and support.

Marie rests, waiting for that Great Day when “…the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout…and the dead in Christ shall rise…” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

There will be a private graveside service for family and a public memorial when COVID restrictions have eased.




Sonja Fritz - December 2020





Cecil Harlin - December 2020





Sue Perkins

(No further information at this time.)


Marvin Harwood - September 18, 2020 - age of 95




Kirby Palmer - February 12, 2020



Kirby & Marlene Palmer, former members here in Fortuna.


Eula "Jean" Ames - 2019



Jean (Thornburgh) Ames  was born to Paul and Ellen Thornburgh in San Fernando, California.  She moved to Fortuna, California with her parents when she became a teenager.  She was married to Dennis Rakestraw in July of 1949 and they continued living in Fortuna, where she and Dennis had 3 children, Jenny, Rod, and Laurel.  She was widowed in 1962.  She married Art Ames in 1967.  Jean taught at Fortuna Junior Academy until 1979 when she and Art moved to Veneta, Oregon, where she taught at Countryside SDA School.

She retired from teaching in 1992, and she and Art enjoyed many years of traaveling.  She enjoyed water skiing until the age of 80 and camping with her family.

Jean was a woman of strong faith in Jesus throughout her life, and she treasured her membership in the Seventh-day Adventist community.  She is survived by her husband Art, 3 children, 10 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren.  We all long for the day when we will see her again at the second coming of Jesus.

A memorial service was held July 7, 2019 at noon at the Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 88401 Huston Rd, Veneta, Oregon 97487.  


David Mills Aldinger - May 5, 2019




David Mills Aldinger, 79, passed away peacefully in his Fernbridge residence on Sunday, May 5, 2019, while in the loving care and companionship of his wife, Marie Tilstra-Aldinger.  David was born in Pittsburg, PA to John and Genevieve Aldinger, and spent most of his childhood in St. Louis, MO.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University in 1965, and then settled in Northern California where he lived for th remainder of his life.  David received his teaching credential from Humboldt State University in 1977 and went on to teach in Mendocino, Trinity, and Lake Counties, before returning to Humboldt County to teach in Fortuna in 1993.  David retired from teaching in 2000, shifting his finely honed counseling skills to the Humboldt Alcohol Recovery Treatment program, helping others in their journey to recover from addiction.

David was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hayfork from 1981-1989, In Lakeport from 1989-1993, and in Fortuna from 1993-2019.  He was a teacher and principal with the Northern California Conference from 1986-2000, teaching in Hayfork, Lakeport and Fortuna.

David is lovingly remembered as a dreamer, storyteller, adventurer, philosopher, intellectual, theologist, artist, teacher, counselor, and spiritual adviser.  He provided a flare of comedy for every life he touched.  David was an avid musician and multi-instrumentalist.  He developed a passion for the Cello in his 40's and went on to play with the Shasta and Eureka Symphonies.  In his retirement he continued to play and teach string music as well as fund-raise and advocate for local musical groups.  He loved traveling and appreciated diverse viewpoints, cultures and cuisines.

David is survived by wife Marie; brothers Jay and Tom and their families; sons Matthew, Lucas and their mother Dixie; daughter Sarah and her mother Sally; daughter Jean and husband Nathan; son Thomas and wife Julie; and grandchildren Asher, Olivia, and Abigail.  They look forward to their next adventure with him.

A memorial service was held at 4:00 PM on Saturday, June 29, at the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church, with a celebratory reception and meal following.  In lieu of flowers, donations in David Aldinger's name can be made to the Eureka Symphony. 


DonnaLee Miller (Zumwalt) - February 19, 2019




Donna was born to Donald and Violet Zumwalt in San Jose, California.  She was the seventh of nine children.  She grew up in Campbell, attended the Campbell SDA Church, Mountain View Academy and schools near her home.

When Donna was 17 she went to live with Dale and Barbara Miller-Zumwalt in Holmes and attended Fortuna High School.  It was while living here that she and Bill fell in love.

Donna and Bill were married at the Campbell SDA Church on July 3, 1951 and made their home in Fortuna, CA.  They moved into their home in April 1956, where Donna lived until she passed away.

They had three daughters:  Janie Ruth, Linda Marie and Pamela Ann.  They raised them to be active members of the Fortuna SDA Church and sacrificed to send them to Fortuna Junior Academy, Rio Lindo Academy and Pacific Union College.

Donna was a simple, plain, humble woman who was extremely private, elegant and classy.  She loved her Lord with her whole heart and music.  She taught both of these to her daughters.  She was a stay-at-home mother for years.  She was the leader for the Cradle Roll, Kindergarten and Earliteen Sabbath Schools and a teacher’s aid for the 1st and 2nd grade at Fortuna Junior Academy.  She worked at the Eureka Inn, Fortuna Ace Hardware and most recently Tabitha’s.

Donna was a perfectionist in all that she did, whether it was cooking, sewing, gardening or housekeeping.  She always went the second mile and helped her neighbors, as needed.  She walked her neighborhood streets knocking on doors for the March of Dimes, American Red Cross and other organizations for years.

She had an interesting sense of humor and we heard comments like “for the ducks of it” and “doesn’t that just frost you”.  She was the chief cook and bottle washer at home; chauffer and homework supervisor.  She and Bill raised their daughters to be strong, independent, Christian adults.  While Bill taught them how to garden and appreciate the outdoors, she taught them to cook, clean and sew.  Donna and Bill complimented each other in child-rearing.

She is survived by her daughters:  Linda Miller and Pam Badzik; her sister MaryLou Harlan; her brother; Stanley Zumwalt; six grandchildren: David Aguillon; William “Bill” and Barry “Kirk” Beavers;  Derrick Aguillon; Matthew Badzik and Kristin Badzik; Five Great-Grandchildren:  Tsi Aguillon; Ashlee, Bella and Chaise Aguillon and Khorryn Aguillon.  She is interred at the Masonic/IOOF Cemetery on Rohnerville Road beside her beloved husband, Bill.


Frederick "Fred" Antone Oliveira - March 11, 2019




Frederick Antone Oliveira passed to his rest on March 11, 2019, at his home in Fortuna. He had been diagnosed with ALS in September and died of ALS complications.

Fred was born in Scotia and lived in Fortuna all his life. When he was 5 years old his family moved to the ranch on Mill Street where he and his three brothers enjoyed the country life, helping their parents, Joe and Ruby, raise beef cattle and chickens, as well as a huge garden. Fred attended Toddy Thomas Elementary School and Fortuna High School, where he made many friends.

Fred worked during the last two summers of high school in Crescent City for the forestry, helping on the fire crew. After graduation he joined the U S Navy, 1965 to 1969, and spent time in the Mediterranean, visiting Japan, Greece, Italy, and many other ports.

When he returned home he met and married Jeanette Souza and they had two boys, Jasen and Tim.

He met Raemel Rakestraw on March 3, 1990, when his Uncle Clifford informed him that he had been single long enough and no woman was going to come knocking on his door; he had to get himself out there. That was a very special day for both of them.

Fred was a millworker by profession, but he was a rancher by choice. He enjoyed many activities such as Sudoku puzzles, bowling, camping, travelling the Humboldt County backroads, and burning huge piles of brush, but his favorite hobby was raising beef cattle and working on the ranch.

When he retired from Palco he started attending the Humboldt County Auction, where he could be found every Wednesday sitting with his friends, after having garlic fries at Bob’s Footlongs, of course!

Fred had a few favorite things he liked to do. He listened to KEKA 101.5 on the radio every chance he got. He liked drinking tea or coffee, sitting on the porch waiting for Raemel to come home from work, picking true blackberries (not Himalayas) and eating blackberry pie, and having real old-fashioned macaroni and cheese just like his mother made, and which has been duplicated quite well by his daughter-in-law, Heather. He also enjoyed Friday morning breakfast with his family at L’s Restaurant and his smile will be missed by all who work there.

His bucket list was short - he wanted to visit Alaska and take a ride on the White Pass Railroad clear to the top. He was able to check that off the list in 2017, a trip he thoroughly enjoyed.

Fred leaves behind his beloved family: wife Raemel, sons Jasen and Tim (Heather), grandchildren Jeremiah (Shelley), Kayla, Kimberleigh, Skyllar, and Ethan, great grandchildren Dakota, Brylee, and Morgan, brothers Clarence and John (Vivian), sister-in-law JoAnne, nephews Kevin and Matt, nieces Sara and Katie. He also leaves behind his special friends John Montgomery, Ozzie and Joann Smith, Don Charlton, and Francis Sweet.

Fred was preceded in death by his parents, Joe and Ruby Oliveira, his brother Harold Oliveira, his sisters-in-law Corinne Oliveira and JoyeDel Oliveira, and his nephews Corey Carter and Brian Oliveira.

A celebration of Fred’s life will be held on April 19, 2019, at noon, with a potluck following, at the Oliveira Ranch, 5255 Mill Street, Fortuna. All who knew and loved Fred are invited to join in this celebration with his family.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Hospice of Humboldt or the ALS Association.




Robert "Bob" Donesky - March 12, 2019



(Obituarry written by Orville Donesky)

Robert "Bob" Donesky was born in Vernon B.C. Canada to Constantine and Doris (Nydokus) Donesky. Dad legally changed his name to Robert Constantine Donesky in honor of his father after his dad's death.  Dad at birth, or shortly thereafter, lost a large percentage of his eye sight which throughout his life influenced who he was.

In his early education the teacher noticed Dad's apparent unwillingness to focus on the blackboard and was not shy in telling him how unsuited he was to attend school, which led to him dropping out of school.  His parents sent him to a blind school, however he did not see himself as needing what they had to offer and soon returned home.

A new church school teacher, Rueben Buhler, moved to Vernon and while visiting the homes of potential students found Bob and invited him back to school if he was interested.  Although Dad was several years older, Dad found himself back in the classroom.  Before he was done he had worked his way through a degree in Theology from Canadian Union College, graduating in 1964.

While at CUC, the story is told that the Canadian government paid Dad a blind pension.  However, after some time, the government discovered that he was working, studying, and earning too much money to qualify, so they demanded their money back.  This is probably the time when Dad's extreme independence and unwillingness to accept help from others solidified.

During his time at CUC, he noticed a young girl from Saskatchewan and over time decided to make her his wife.  Bob and Martha were married on September 1, 1957 in Vernon, BC.

Before Dad was done with his degree, he and mother had produced four wonderful kids: Conroy (1959), Douglas (1960), Orville (1962), and DorAnne (1964) all on perfect schedule.

Dad and Mom made the decision to continue his education at Andrews University.  This was accomplished by moving everything they owned in a small trailer Dad and a friend built in the evenings while working at the Jacobson logging camp for the summer.

Because of Dad's eyesight, Mother always did the driving and this trip was no exception.  It is told that the VW Bug pulling the trailer with four kids never got out of third gear for the entire trip.

God blessed our time in Michigan and Dad received a Masters Degree in Counseling and Administration a couple of years later.

Dad began his professional career teaching in Minnesota and Illinois, returning to Andrews to allow mother to complete her college degree.  After Mother's graduation, he continued his teaching career in Michigan and California.  Dad is remembered as a loving, passionate teacher who had a major problem keeping track of the kids int he back row that did not want to learn.

Dad continued his career at Monterrey Bay Academy supporting the concept of their work-study program that he had always believed in.

During Dad's life he loved to build and create.  He challenged the family and as of today we have built at least 8 homes with the skills Dad taught us.  He enjoyed designing jigs and tooling for Harris Pine and I personally had the opportunity to help him turn several of his ideas into functioning machines during my academy years.

Eleven years ago at the age of 73 while Dad was building alone on his retirement home he fell from a ladder, which broke his back in several places.  At the time the doctors were adamant that a successful recovery was very unlikely and that the family should remove life support.  Two weeks after the accident Dad was showing signs of progress.  Dad ended up coming home 6 months later, confined to an electric wheelchair but very alive.

He had been told he would not walk.  However we watched with amazement as he learned to drag his stiff legs up stairs and behind a walker.  Dad discovered a new freedom with a recumbent tricycle where he would use those stiff legs to propel himself for miles around his community.  He became a legend riding his tricycle around Lowes and Home Depot.  He laid thousands of paver tones to make a driveway and walkways around his home.  He thrived on his ability to remain independent.

In 2017, Dad's health began to decline with acute kidney failure and frequent urinary tract infections.  He received excellent care through Hospice for 5 weeks.  His wife Martha and his caregivers sang hymns to him, as he breathed his last in the early morning hours of March 12.

He is survived by his wife Martha and brother Garry Donesky and his wife Naomi.

Surviving children and grandchildren include:

Son, Doug and his wife Heather and children Wyatt and Naomi.

Son, Orville and his wife Odil, and children Christina and Andrew with wife Katie.

Daughter DorAnne and her husband Charles Wolfkill and children Cameron and Evan Cuenco.

Daughter-in-law Susan and her husband Jonathan Erich and son Ethan and Conroy's son Damian and his wife Katey.

Along with multiple of Bob's nieces and nephews.

Dad is preceded in death by his parents, Con and Doris Donesky, his sisters Bernice Kaplan and two infant sisters.  Also, his son Conroy Donesky, who was killed in 1991 in a mission aviation crash in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico while serving the Huichol Indians.

Memorial contributions may be sent to Amistad International for Huichol Indian Project.  Thank you for joining us as we celebrate Dad's life today.  (March 18, 2019 at the Penn Valley SDA Church, Penn Valley, CA.)   


BEVERLY ANNE DOBYNS– January 28, 2019



Beverly Anne Dobyns passed away peacefully in her home on Monday, January 28 th , 2019. She was surrounded by her loving family. The day before, she and her family spent a wonderful day together at one of Beverly’s favorite places, the beach.

Beverly was born in Buchanan, Michigan to her proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Haaker Pearson. At the age of 10 Beverly and her family relocated to a large farm in Clear Lake, Wisconsin. Beverly learned how to drive a tractor, care for all the farm animals and participated in the chores, loving them all. She enjoyed farm life and this began her love of all animals.

She met Lowell Dobyns in 1955 and they married in 1956. She always said, “Lowell was the best thing that ever happened to me”. Beverly and Lowell had two daughters. Sandra was born in 1958 and Cindy in 1961.

Beverly, Lowell and the girls enjoyed spending time camping and doing things in the outdoors together and spending time at their cabin in the Trinity Alps. She was a life- long Seventh Day Adventist and was very active in the Fortuna Church for over 60 years. She blessed the church and congregation by playing the organ during worship services. She was also a Sabbath School Secretary.

Beverly was preceded in death by her beloved husband Lowell, in 2015. She is survived by her two daughters, Sandra Rhoads and Cindy Neumann, both of Fortuna, California. Grand-children, Andrew Rhoads and Nikki Neumann. Brother-in-law, Ivan Blazen. Nieces, Lynell Babienco, Jean Blazen and Yvonne Doggett.

The family would like to thank her church family for their love and support over the years and to Hospice of Humboldt who came on board and ministered to Beverly and the family near the end. Beverly’s greatest desire and source of comfort was that she would one day be reunited with her family in heaven.

The family invites you to a service for Beverly on Saturday, February 2 nd , at 4:00 in the afternoon, Fortuna Seventh Day Adventist Church. 2301 Rohnerville Road, Fortuna, CA 95540.


Lowell Kanen - December 7, 2018




Lowell Melvin Kanen was born at home to George and Emma Kanen in Grizzley Bluff, California.  He was the oldest of 6 siblings.  Lowell served his country in the Army/Air Corp during World War II as a medic.  After he came home he met and married Barbara (Bobbie) Richards on July 11, 1946.

Lowell greatly enjoyed gardening and always had a large garden in any home he had, with abundant veggies and flowers.  Lowell moved his family to Fortuna, CA area in 1950 where they were members of the SDA church for 50+ years.  He was a faithful volunteer in the building project of the church, school and gymnasium.  He served in many capacities in the church including deacon, elder, lay activities leader and working in Pathfinders to name just a few.  For the majority of his working life Lowell worked for Pacific Lumber Company.  He worked hard to keep his four daughters in church school.

Lowell and Bobbie moved to Cave Junction, OR in 2000 where he continued to pursue his love of gardening, landscaping the yard and gardens.  He was known by many people as someone who shared his knowledge of gardening, starts of plants and sharing his produce with others.  He also helped at Dorcas until 2011 when he got a hip replacement and was no longer able to stand for long periods of time.

Lowell passed away on Friday, December 7, 2018 at the age of 96.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Emma and George, his siblings and their spouses, Lucille, Warren, Eleanor, & Norman.  Lowell is survived by his wife of 72 years, his youngest brother, Rolland, his daughters, Carol & Spouse Darrell, Barbara, Nancy and spouse Carrol, Rita & partner Lindel, 9 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild (with a 2nd born in January) plus numerous nephews, nieces and other extended family.

An informal gathering of family and friends was held in Fortuna, CA in the fireside room of the SDA Church Community Center, for visitation with Bobbie & family on Sunday, December 16 at 3:00 pm.  A formal memorial service was held in Cave Junction, Oregon at the SDA church on Saturday, December 29, at 2:00.



Luis Ortiz - 2018




     Brother Luis was born in a small town in Cuba called "La Habana Vieja" (The Old Havana).  He was one of three children born to Rafael Ortiz and Mercedes Hernandez.  He was raised in an Adventist home which founded his love for God, sacred music and playing piano and organ.  He graduated as a teacher in an Adventist college in Cuba, but before he could work in his profession his family immigrated to the U.S.A.

     It was here in the U.S. that he met the love of his life, Benicia Matos, and they were married July 1967 in New Jersey.  Benicia brought to the marriage three boys and one girl from her previous marriage that Luis lovingly took as his own children.  Although Luis didn't have any kids of his own, he always spoke lovingly and proudly of the four children he shared with Benicia.

     Luis was a good provider for his family and worked in several different fields during his lifetime such as maintenance in a nursing home, salesman in car dealerships, and driving show cars in showrooms.  His last job was as a warehouse worker and worked for years unloading trucks.  Luis was forced to retire in 1991 after falling ill and being diagnosed with heart problems and was given six months to live.  Luis's health was restituted by the grace of God and he was able to enjoy his retirement.

     Luis and Benicia moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles in 1975 and then to Humboldt County in 1999.  They first lived in McKinleyville for a few years, and in 2003 they moved to their current home in Rio Dell.  For the last 15 years Luis and Benicia attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fortuna, California.

     Luis had a special place in his heart for the Hispanic population and wanted to spread the gospel by giving away literature in Spanish to help people learn more about God's love.  He would often invite other members from the Spanish group to go along with him to share literature.  He was always willing to play the piano, teach the Sabbath School lesson, or preach a sermon when needed.  His sense of humor and positive outlook on life created an atmosphere of happiness, unity, and family everywhere he went.

     Luis Ortiz Hernandez is going to be greatly missed by his immediate family, church family, and family everywhere he went.

      Luis is survived by his wife Benicia Matos, his three sons Alfredo, Juan, Emilio and his two nieces, Martha and Luisa. 



Earl R. Allen - 2018




     Earl was born to Ray and Esther Allen in Fresno, California.  He had one sibling, Grace Gearing who preceded him in death.  He graduated from Madera Union High School in 1948.  He received a Bachelor of Education and Industrial Arts minor from California State College Fresno in 1961.

     He Married Clydean Lawson and they had three children:  Clyde, Dennis and Lauretta.  After Clydean's death he married Avis Allen.  They had one child, Debra.  After Avis' death he married Maryle Chambers.  Maryle already had two children, Sue and Jim.  Since all spouses had previously died, Earl and Maryle adopted each other's children.

     Earl taught for the State of California at Parlier, Dos Palos and Bloomington Elementary Schools.  The places he worked for the Seventh-day Adventist Conferences are:  Santa Maria SDA School, Loma Linda Union Academy Elementary, Fortuna Jr. Academy, Echo Ridge SDA School in Grass Valley, Paradise Jr. Academy, Orleans SDA School, Weaverville SDA School with a total of 29 years working as a teacher for the Conferences.

     In the summers he was a Nature Director at Pine Springs Ranch and Camp Wawona.

     Earl enjoyed being a Pathfinder Director at various clubs, Master Gardener, Water Safety Instructor, a volunteer for San Bernardino County Museum.  He also liked canoeing, backpacking, snorkeling, skin and scuba diving.  Included in all these activities he did photography.

     Survivors are his wife, Maryle of 48 years, Six Chiildren: Clyde (Charlotte), Dennis (Som), Sue Heagy, Jim, Laurie, Debbi (Bill) Beck.  Six Grandchildren:  Mike (Autumn), Ron (Sarah), Jenni Heagy, Cyndi (Dan) Jones, Grace, Cristian.  Six great grandchildren:  Payton, Crew, Naomi, Mary, Zack, Dexter. 


Janell Lynn Rene - 2018

It is with a sad heart that after a courageous battle with MS our daughter has gone home to the Lord.

Janell was a free-spirited woman who trusted most anyone. She was a fighter when it came to her MS, enduring severe pain throughout the 10 years. She wanted to be there for her kids, see them graduate and even maybe go to college. She wanted to live for them and especially for us.

We will miss her dearly yet know we will meet again when God calls us home. Good night, sweetheart. We will see you in a little while.

Love, Mom & Dad.

A celebration of life will be at the Riverwalk Lodge in Fortuna on Feb. 4 from 12 to 4 p.m.



Donna Jean Farfan, 57, died at 1;19 pm, December 31, 2017. Donna was born in Denver CO. She graduated from Albuquerque High School in Albuquerque NM and earned an Associate of Arts degree from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa CA. She was a longtime resident in Humboldt County California. She worked for the Salvation Army for many years and most recently for Rite-Aide in Fortuna CA for more than a decade. Donna is survived by her mother, Joan J Craddock of Citrus Heights CA; brothers Rodger Craddock Jr. and his wife Dena of Coos Bay OR and Robert Craddock and his wife Sondra of Roseville CA; sister Darlene Stapleford and her husband John of Redmond WA; son Sgt. Allan Swanland and wife Ashley of Fort Lewis WA; daughter Sarah Swanlund of Fortuna CA; grandsons Wyatt French of Fortuna CA and Hunter Swanlund of Fort Lewis WA; and numerous nephews and nieces. Donna was proceeded in death by her father, Rodger Craddock Sr. A celebration of a life well lived will be held at the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fortuna California on January 13, 2018 beginning at 2:30 pm. A memorial potluck will be held after the celebration of life service. Please sign the guestbook at

Published in Eureka Times-Standard on Jan. 9, 2018