Weekly Bulletin

Updated: November 25, 2022


November 26, 2022



Sabbath School


Lesson Study                                                   “Contrary Passages”                                        Dave Perry


Worship Service


Opening Song                                                   Be Thou My Vision                                           #547

Welcome & Announcements                                                                                                 Pastor Dan

Introduction to Baptism                                                                                                        Pastor Dan

Song Service                                                                                                                     Colleen Hough

Offering Call                                           Local Conference Advance                                   Dave Perry

Offertory                                                                                                                          Colleen Hough

Children’s offering                                                                                                               Dave Perry

Children’s Story                                                                                                                 Debbie Miller

Scripture & Prayer                                         Psalm 40: 1-3                                              Dave Perry

Special Music                                                                                                                 Kerry Freedman

Sermon                                                “From The Pits To Praise”                             Pastor Dan Freedman

Closing Song                             My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less                                     #522

Closing Prayer                                                                                                                 Pastor Dan

Elder: Dave Perry                                                  Music: Colleen Hough                                                              Deacon: Nathan Wikander


Announcements - November 26, 2022

1. WELCOME: Good morning everyone! We are so grateful that you are worshipping with us today. Be sure and reach out and say good morning to someone today and let them know you’re glad to see them. (Visitors and members alike). Everyone loves a great hello.

2. THANKS: If you were not here last Sabbath, you missed out on a huge blessing. The music, praise, testimonies and skits were awesome and we were moved in gratitude. Thank you Karina and to everyone who responded to her and participated in or helped her bring it all together.

3. CHRISTMAS SERVICE: The December FJA Christmas service has been changed to December 17 th , NOT DEC. 3rd. All kids and adults are invited to be part of this service as well. Contact Jamie Burzo at FJA.

4. LIVE NATIVITY: Please contact Colleen if you can help set-up on the 9 th , take down on the 12 th , perform in one of the nine scenes or work in traffic and costumes. In addition, Laurie (Lorie) Pettey will need people to sign up for shifts to work in the kitchen. She says you will need to arrive between 5:45 and 6:00 on the 10 th and 11 th . Call her to schedule a shift. Her number is 707-445-1801.

5. CENTER GIVE-A-WAY: There will soon be a little Christmas tree in the lobby with envelopes on it. This year we are asking if you can purchase a Visa gift-card between $20-$25. You can bring the envelope or card back and give it either to Rhonda or I on Sabbaths or during the week. We will need them back by December 17 th at the latest. Thank you for helping anyway you can.

6. FASTING: The 2 nd Sabbath in December will be our 2 nd service focused on fasting. As a church body we will be fasting and praying in the month of January. Fasting does not always mean not eating anything at all. These two “fasting” Sabbaths are meant to educate us on safe and healthy ways to fast. There will be a potluck and time of praise at the end of the fasting. Watch for the date.

7. DENTAL VISION CLINIC: The Dental/Vision planning committee will be meeting again this Sunday at 5:30 via ZOOM. You can also come to the Pastor’s office as well. The ZOOM link has been sent out to everyone who
normally attends. Please pray for this clinic and to everyone involved.

8. CRAFT FAIR: The FJA students and others have been working hard making crafts for their craft fair. It will be on December 4 th at ACE Hardware in Fortuna. They will be there from 10-4. Come on out and support our kids and the FJA garden AND find some neat Christmas gifts!!

9. FOCUS: The FOCUS will be out next Sabbath. Due to the holiday, I am still waiting for a couple articles from others.

10. STOVE: Chris is asking that anyone who is charge of any potluck or event where the kitchen will be used to contact HIM ahead of time. The gas is off and he will need to turn the gas for the stove on as well as check on any other needs you may have. Make sure you also put your event on the center calendar with Tawnya.


Looking Ahead

Saturday Nov. 26     7:00 The Chosen
Monday, Nov. 28      6:00 Staff Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 29      10:00 Office Opens
Wed. Nov. 30            7:00 Prayer Meeting
Thursday, Dec. 1      10:00 Church Office Opens
                                Science Night at FJA
Sabbath, Dec. 3       Speaker: Pastor Dan
                               Lesson Study: Dave Perry

******Coming Up******

Dec. 04           School Garden Craft fair 10-4
Dec. 08           4:00 School Board
Dec. 09           Nativity Set-up
Dec. 10-11      Live Nativity 7-9
Dec. 12           Nativity Take Down
Dec. 17           FJA Christmas Service
Dec. 21           FCSC Give-A-Way
Dec. 24           Church Christmas Service