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Updated: June 10, 2021


                                               Sabbath School

                                                                             June 12, 2021                                                              


Lesson Study                                              “New Covenant Sanctuary”                                    A. Dumitrescu


                                                           Worship Service


Music Meditation                                                                                                                    Jolene Dumitrescu

Opening Hymn                                       “Tis Love That Makes Us Happy”                                         #579

Announcements                                                                                                                      Dave Perry

Song Service                                                                                                                           Jolene Dumitrescu

                                                                                                                                               Tim Whitchurch

Scripture and Prayer                                              Duet. 11:18-19                                         Dave Perry

Special Music                                                                                                                         Joey Ronk

Sermon                                             “Getting Our Kids To Say “YES” To Jesus”                        Karen Price Ronk

Closing Hymn                                           “Lead Them, My God To Thee”                                        #653

Closing Prayer                                                                                                                         Karen Ronk


                                           Announcements - June 12, 2021

1. Welcome : Welcome everyone!! We are so happy to have you fellowshipping with us today. Today’s service has been planned by Karen Price Ronk from the Eureka church. Thank you so much Karen for ministering to us this Sabbath. The flowers up front are to thank you for presenting our worship service today.

2. CAMP MEETING SABBATH SERVICES: We MUST provide Harry Salvini with a registration form for all of us that will be going out JUST ON THE SABBATHS during camp meeting.. Let me know via e-mail or phone if you plan to attend on July 24th or July 31st. Please let me know by June 26th!!

3. PICNIC POTLUCKS: Well, one brown bag potluck wasn’t enough. We now have one scheduled for June 26 at Don & Colleen’s home and now for July 17th we have another one scheduled at the Bertholf’s house. Watch for more info and details as we get closer. We are working on one for August as well that may be a evening meal/vesper picnic. We will keep you informed.

4. TAPED SERVICE: There will not be a current recorded worship service for the month of June due to all of the events going on each Sabbath. A previous sermon will be uploaded as well as announcements and scripture and prayer. Merlin will be posting these to our church web page.

5. MEETINGS: This coming Thursday, June 17th is the church board meeting via ZOOM at 7:00 pm. Also, each Wed. night at 7:00 is the bible study of Revelation. Workbooks are available your first night attending.

6. THANKS: Thank you to Amy Norton and team for putting together such a nice ceremony and reception for our students and graduates. Luke McCrigler would like to say thank you to his church family for the well wishes, cards and gifts honoring his graduation from Fortuna High. Abby Norton wants to thank all the church members who came and supported her as well, and for their cards and well wishes too.

7. VBS: Two more weeks and VBS will be starting! We are so grateful to Amy & Val for doing this for our church & community. VBS will be June 21-25 at FJA, outside. On Sabbath June 26th the kids from VBS will be presenting our worship service. Please invite your friends and neighbor’s kids. You can register with Amy or Valerie.

8. SABBATH IN THE REDWOODS: Sabbath, June 19th is our Sabbath in the Redwoods. Sabbath school will be from 10-11a.m. and Worship service at 11:15. Lunch will be provided after the worship service. Bring comfy chairs if you want, water, sunscreen, hats etc.


                                                       THIS WEEK

 Sunday, June 13             Work Bee at the Camp Grounds

                                       Work Bee at the old Community Garden site

Tuesday, June 15             Office Closed


Wed., June 16                  7:00 Revelation Speaks bible study

Thurs., June 17                10:00 Church Office Opens

                                        6:00 ZOOM finance Meeting

                                        6:30 Church ZOOM Board Meeting

Sabbath, June 19             Speaker: NO SERVICE HERE

                                       Our Service is out at the Camp Meeting Grounds

                                       10:00 Lesson Study 11:15 Worship Service


                                                       Coming Up

June 21-25                   VBS at Fortuna Jr. Academy

June 26                         VBS Sabbath/Picnic at Colleen & Don’s

June 28                         Anxiety/Depression Health Meeting @FCSC

July 3                            2nd Quarter Communion

July 17                           Picnic Potluck at the Bertholf’s

July 19-24                     First Camp Meeting Session

July 26-31                     Second Camp Meeting Session




                            Revelation Speaks - A weekly video presentation

                         Get the link from the menu bar at the top of this page


                                        Announcements from the Church

                                                       June 9, 2021

Remember that tonight begins the weekly bible study of the book of Revelation.  Each Wednesday there will be another chapter studied.  The workbooks will be available the first night you attend. We begin at 7:00 pm in the main Sanctuary.  We will have you sign in and masks and social-distance seating are still required. (for now).  Pastor will also be recording these and they will be posted on our church website.

Remember the picnic potluck at Colleen and Don's on Sabbath the 26th.   

The church office will be closed this Thursday afternoon through next Wednesday.  I am going to be with my friend again.  I so appreciate all the prayers for her as she has gone through this grief process.  I can see that she is slowly healing.  She no longer blames God in anger which is wonderful.  Keep the prayers coming for Pam.  I will be back in the office on Thursday, the 17th.  Pastor may be here Tuesday morning until noon.  You can always e-mail or text me anything as I do work some while away.

The sermons etc. are now be uploaded to the church webpage each week that one is recorded.  This month, we have several Sabbath's that Pastor is not speaking.  We will try and uploaded an older sermon for those that like that.  Merlin also has many links on the web page to other speakers and programs.

Don't forget next Sabbath the 19th, will be our Sabbath in the Redwoods at the camp meeting grounds. The luncheon after will be as low-contact as possible. Sabbath School is 10-11am and Worship service is 11:15-12:15.  Bring your comfy chair if you want it, hats, sunscreen, water etc. and plan to fellowship together.



                                            Announcements - June 5, 2021

1. Welcome : Happy Sabbath. We are glad you are here today and worshipping with us. Next week Karen Price Ronk from Eureka church will be presenting our worship service while Pastor Dan is in Miranda. It is a “Family
Sabbath”. Come see what it is all about.

2. PLEASE NOTE RE: George Whitchurch’s service--The graveside service on June 11 th at noon is open to everyone. However, the luncheon is for out-of-town visitors and the immediate family only. They have to get on the road soon after for another celebration of his life. Thanks.

3. CELEBRATE: Please come on out and recognize, celebrate & congratulate our students and graduates. Tomorrow, June 6 th from 4-6pm. There will be music and we will get to see our kids demonstrate their hard
work. The reception has been moved from the parking lot to the center.

4. TAPED SERVICE: There will not be a recorded worship service for the month of June due to all of the events going on each Sabbath. Hopefully, beginning July 3 rd we will have a link each week on our web page.

5. MEETINGS: The FJA board meeting is now on Tuesday, June 8 th at 4:00pm for those on the board. The ZOOM link has been sent out. In addition, Tuesday at 7:00pm is the Monthly Elder’s meeting at 7:00 as well. The link will be sent out Monday.

6. MID-WEEK STUDY: This coming Wednesday at 7:00 pm, our mid- week bible studies will start back up. Pastor will be starting a bible study on the book of Revelation, chapter by chapter each week. The workbooks will be
available the first night.

7. VBS: Yippee!!!! Please let Amy Norton or Valerie Wikander if your child wants to attend. VBS will be June 21-25 at FJA outside in the fresh air. On Sabbath June 26 th VBS will be presenting our worship service.

8. SABBATH IN THE REDWOODS: Sabbath, June 19 th is our Sabbath in the Redwoods. Sabbath school will be from 10-11a.m. and Worship service at 11:15. We still need volunteers to teach the Kindergarten/Primary and Cradle Roll Kids. Please let me know if you would be willing. Lunch will be provided after the worship service.               

                                                           THIS WEEK

Sunday, June 6                Student recognition, recital and celebration 4-6pm here at the church.

Tuesday, June 8               10:00 Office Opens
                                         7:00 Elder’s Meeting

Wed., June 9                    3:30 End-of-year celebration at FJA

Thurs., June 10                10:00 Church Office Opens

Friday, June 11                 12:00 George’s Service at Sunrise Cemetery

                                        Newburg Road Fortuna

Sabbath, June 12             Speaker: Karen Ronk
                                        Lesson Study: Adrian Dumetrescu

                                                         Coming Up

June 17             6:30          Zoom Board Meeting
June 19                              Sabbath in the Redwoods. No Service here.
June 21-25                         VBS
June 26                               VBS Sabbath
July 3                                  2nd Quarter Communion


                                    INFORMATION & UPDATES - June 5, 2021

There is so much going on in the next several weeks. This is the updated information, as of Sabbath June 5 th . Please read this and share with those that are not attending inside church or who do not have e-mail.

1 .GEORGE’S SERIVCE- The graveside service on June 11 th at noon is open to everyone. However, the luncheon is for out-of-town visitors and the immediate family. They have to get on the road soon after.

2. FJA- The school’s end-of-the-year celebration will be on Wednesday, June 9 th , from 3:30-4:30ish. Come celebrate their achievements during this challenging year. School board meeting has been moved to June 8 th at 4:00.

3. Sabbath’s during Camp Meeting- If you are planning on going to RAC just for the Sabbath’s of camp-meeting, YOU MUST register. You do this by contacting the church office and letting me know. I will then complete one registration/application for the church and will send it to Harry Salvini. We have to comply with state COVID regulations and track all who come to the campgrounds. We do not know what they will do for those who arrive without registering. DON’T MISS OUT!

4. THE HEALTH TEAM - will be starting 8 weeks on managing stress and anxiety. These presentations will begin Monday, June 28 th from 6:00-8:00. Counseling services will be available as well. The cost and more details will
be available soon.

5. RESERVING THE CENTER – Please remember that the center has a different calendar than the church. We do not handle reserving the center unless it is a church activity. Funeral luncheons, parties, showers, meetings
etc. must be reserved by the ministry that is hosting it. The FCSC then has people they need to notify so that the center is ready for use. Twanya Mcknight has the master calendar. 707-725-1166 ext 202 or tmcknight@fortunaacs.com.

6. There will not be a recorded worship service for the month of June due to all of the events going on each Sabbath. Hopefully, beginning July 3 rd we will have a link each week on our web page. Go to the church web page to find a link to the lesson study and announcements for this Sabbath.


7. We will be having an after-church PICNIC POTLUCK again on June 26 at Don and Colleen’s.  


                                    Announcements From the Church - June 3, 2021

1.Don't forget that Sunday, June 6th is our student recognition and graduation celebration.  Luke McCrigler has graduated from Fortuna High and Abby Norton from 8th Grade as well as Ivy from Eureka.  Numerous other children will be recognized and share their talents and accomplishments with us.  There will be an inside program and then we will gather outside after for refreshments and congratulations.  4:00-6:00pm on the 6th.

2.This Sabbath there will not be any worship services recorded.  Actually for the next month or so.  We have several guest speakers and special services coming up.  It has been so wonderful to have had Rob to minister to our members and community by helping us post our service in one place.  We are working toward creating a YouTube link for the church webpage like we did for the evangelistic series for future sermons and announcements.  We will let you know when we start that.  On the church web page Merlin has links to several other Weekly broadcasts and other opportunities to worship on-line. Hopefully soon, we won't have to tape at all.  Thanks to everyone who got their lessons, sermons, music, etc. to us over the last 18 months. If has been a challenge, but we have met it with lots of prayer and help.

3.Please remember that in order to go out on the two camp meeting Sabbaths, you need to let us know.  We have to submit an application to Harry Salvini with the names of everyone who will be coming out just for the Sabbath services on the 24th and 31st of July.  We must comply with state and conference regs.  Please let me know as soon as you can.

4.Also, the Sabbath in the Redwoods collective worship service is Sabbath, June 19th.  That is when all the area churches gather for a Sabbath worship service at the camp grounds.  Sabbath School will be from 10:00-11:00 and the Worship service from 11:15-12:15. Lunch will be Soup, salad, bread and dessert. Bring your sunscreen, hat, comfortable chair if you don't like metal chairs, water and your smile. Hope to see you there.

5.June 13th there are 2 workbees.  One at the RAC grounds to prepare for the 19th. The other one is at the former grounds of the Community Center garden on Newburg.  It just needs to be tidied up so it looks like we took good care of it.

6.Sabbath, June 26th we will be having another PICNIC POTLUCK after church.  This time it will be held and Don and Colleen's house.  It will be just like last time.  Bring  a picnic for your family, chairs, hats, blankets, water etc.  More info to follow when we get closer.

7.Just a reminder regarding using the Community Service Center.  We do not manage their calendar.  If your class, ministry, committee, is planning an event, you need to check with the Center to see if it is available and make sure you get it reserved.  Same for showers, weddings, funeral meals etc.  We want to make the staff's job as easy as we can and keep everyone in the loop of events. The church does not automatically reserve it for these events and ministries.  Thanks for your help.

8.This coming Wednesday, June 9th at 7:00 we will be starting a mid-week study on the book of Revelation.  The workbooks will be available the first night.  Come and join in the fellowship and worship time.

There will be so much more information coming about upcoming events.  Please watch for e-mails or postings on the bulletin boards or in the bulletin.  Please share with those that do not have e-mail or who are attending outside church.  FOR THOSE OF YOU ATTENDING PARKING LOT SERVICE; There will be a basket inside the doors by the office on the window sill with bulletins in it just for you.  I apologize for not thinking of this before.


                              Redwood Campmeeting 2021 - July 24 & 31   

We have just talked to Harry Salvini from RAC.  In regards to the two Camp Meeting Sabbaths, if you plan to come out on either the 24th or 31st of July JUST FOR THE DAY, YOU STILL NEED TO REGISTER.  

Instead of bombarding Harry with 30 more applications, we will be sending in one for everyone in our church who wants to go out for just the Sabbaths.  You will most likely have to sign in as well for tracking purposes.  


If you are already registered and have a site, you don't need to let me know.  I wish there was a less complicated way to do it, but this is what we have to do.  I don't know what would happen if you did not notify us and you showed up at the grounds, so please, please let me know so you don't risk not being able to go in.

I will need to know by June 13th. 


Cindy  707 725-6164



Other church services you might like to watch, either live or archived:

        Loma Linda University Church:    https://www.lluc.org/live

        Pioneer Memorial Church:           https://www.pmchurch.org/sermons

        Oak Hills Church, San Antonio:    https://oakhillschurch.com/watch


   Don't forget to continue to give as you are able.  Church ministries and salaries continue even when services are temporarily suspended.  Checks can be mailed to the church at 2301 Rohnerville Rd Fortuna, CA 95540.  For online giving click on "About Us" in the menu at the top of this page.