Updated: October 22, 2021


                                     Announcements - October 23, 2021

1. Welcome : Good morning and happy Sabbath. We are glad you are here today. If there are any prayer requests, please let us know.

2. OFFERING: Today the deacons will be collecting the offering. We did clarify with those in the know that it is safe to do so. The loose offering always goes to our church budget. If you want your offering to go to the Conference scheduled offerings, mark your envelope “Conference”.

3. QUARTERLIES: They have finally arrived. If you did not get your 4 th quarter adult lesson study guide, they are in the lobby on the small table.

4. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: Sabbath December 18 th , we will have a combined church and school Christmas program during our worship service. This would be a great Sabbath to invite your friends, family and neighbors!

5. SERVICE: You may notice in the next few weeks that our services may be a little longer. We plan to slowly introduce our offerings, children’s story etc. Praise Jesus that we will be able to spend more time in His presence and fellowship with one another. Social distance seating and masks will remain in place.

6.. BLOOD DRIVE: On December 18 th , the blood mobile will be parked here at the church. Brad Nelson from the Eureka church is a blood bank employee & will be heading up the drive. On December 4 th he will be here to explain the process.

7. 40 DAYS OF PRAYER: Please remember to pay for your book if you picked it up and have not yet paid. Mark your envelope women’s ministries and put it in the offering. They are $15.

8. Live Nativity: Colleen is gearing up for our Live Nativity which will be on December 11 th and 12 th from 7-9pm. If you are interested in participating or helping contact Colleen. There will be some COVID protocols in place.

9. REVELATION SPEAKS: There will be no Revelation Speaks meeting on Wednesday, November 24 th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

                                                           This Week 

Monday, Oct. 25                     6:00 Pathfinders – Field Dress

Tuesday, Oct. 26                   10:00 Church Office Opens

Wed. Oct. 27                          7:00 Revelation Speaks - Lesson 22 – The Great Occult Explosion

Thursday, Oct.28                 10:00 Church Office Opens

Sabbath, Oct. 30                   Speaker: Pastor Dan - Special Music:     Dumitrescu Family

                                                        Looking Ahead

Nov. 6                    Veterans Honored
Nov. 18                 40 Days of Prayer Ends
Nov. 20                  Thanks/Praise/Testimony Sabbath
Nov. 24                  NO REVELATION SPEAKS MEETING
Dec. 11-12            Live Nativity 7:00-9:00
Dec. 15                  FCSC Give-A-Way
Dec. 18                  Christmas Worship Service
Dec. 18                  Blood Mobile here 1:00-4:00


                           Adelaida Yanez Engages Her Calling to Ministry

Fortuna church member Adelaida (Adela) Yanez has been named a 2021 Healthcare Hero by the California Association of Health Facilities. Yanez is a nurse and acute/emergency department manager at Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville

News articles applaud Yanez for keeping patients safe during the pandemic, helping evacuate the hospital due to wildfire, and leading the fight against COVID. But they don’t tell her entire amazing story!


When she was four months pregnant with her oldest daughter, Yanez was diagnosed with cancer. During her difficult ordeal, she nearly lost her life four times. Impressed by the vital role that nurses played in her recovery, she prayed: “Lord if you help me, someday I will be a nurse.”

He answered her prayer. Yanez lived to raise three daughters and now has a granddaughter. She and her husband, Pedro, have served as long-time leaders of the Fortuna Spanish group. “God has granted me all these years,” she said. “The Lord has been so good to me.”

Yanez fulfilled her promise and became a registered nurse. “God used so many people in our church to help us while I was in school,” she said. “One person—I never found out who it was—sent us money every month. It was such a blessing!”

Now the Lord is using Yanez to bless others. “I love being able to help people and be there for them,” she said. “What a difference you can make to people by showing them compassion and being somebody they can trust!”         


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                                   Redwood Camp Meeting Videos 2021                                     

      Did you miss Campmeeting?  You can view Lee & Gary Venden's presentations on YouTube  -  recorded at   Redwood Camp Meeting 2021:



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