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                                  Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 87 No. 10           Published by the Fortuna SDA Church       October 2021 


From Pastor Dan

Many years ago, when I first started the ministry, I visited a lady in the hospital named Gladys. Gladys was ninety-three years old and when we met she said, “Pastor, please pray that I will die.” I was taken back by her request and said, “I will pray that you will get well but I will not pray for you to die.”

After I went home, I said to myself I need to visit with her again and prayed that God would give me the right words to say to her.

After spending time in prayer, God gave me the right words to say. I went back to see her and before I prayed, I told her, “Gladys, no more stinking thinking.” She looked at

In a few days she was out of the hospital and was sent home. She said to me, “Pastor, I do not know why God has spared my life but I am going to do whatever He wants me to do.”

Praise God! May this be our attitude today. “No more stinking thinking.” With our thoughts we can become very close to God or with our thoughts we can come close to the devil. Gladys with her thinking made herself very sick and wanted to die. How about you? Do you guard your thoughts?

In the book Steps to Christ, Ellen White writes about an experience she had. She begins by saying, “Many (notice: many people are doing this, not just a few) walking along the path of life, dwell upon their mistakes and failures and disappointments, and their hearts are filled with grief and discouragement. While I was in Europe, a sister who had been doing this, and who was in deep distress, wrote to me, asking for some word of encouragement. The night after I had read her letter I dreamed that I was in a garden, and one who seemed to be the owner of the garden was conducting me through its paths. I was gathering the flowers and enjoying their fragrance, when this sister, who had been walking by my side, called my attention to some unsightly briers that were impeding her way. There she was mourning and grieving. She was not walking in the pathway, following the guide, but was walking among the briers and thorns. “Oh,” she mourned, “is it not a pity that this beautiful garden is spoiled with thorns?” Then the guide said, “Let the thorns alone, for they will only wound you. Gather the roses, the lilies, and the pinks.”

Have there not been some bright spots in your experience? Have you not had some precious seasons when your heart throbbed with joy in response to the Spirit of God? When you look back into the chapters of your life experience do you not find some pleasant pages? Are not God's promises, like the fragrant flowers, growing beside your path on every hand? Will you not let their beauty and sweetness fill your heart with joy?”

“The briers and thorns will only wound and grieve you; and if you gather only these things, and present them to others, are you not, besides slighting the goodness of God yourself, preventing those around you from walking in the path of life?”

“It is not wise to gather together all the unpleasant recollections of a past life, - its iniquities and disappointments, - to talk over them and mourn over them until we are overwhelmed with discouragement. A discouraged soul is filled with darkness, shutting out the light of God from his own soul and casting a shadow upon the pathway of others.” STC117.

We need to guard our thoughts. Instead of thinking about our failures and our mistakes, let’s think about Jesus and His grace and mercy. Think about His purity and holiness which He gladly shares to all who believe and trust in Him. Think about His wonderful life and how He ministered to all people, His teachings and promises. Remember the blessed hope we have in the second coming of Jesus and look forward to our heavenly home. Also, we should think about others and their needs and do all we can to pray for and help each one. Today and every day, guard your thoughts. May God richly bless you!

Pastor Dan



Some of you may already know, but Pathfiders DID NOT start in September as planned. The Pathfinder leaders will meet monthly to determine when it would be safe to start indoor meetings again. They will be having their outdoor camping trip on Sept. 30th-Oct. 3rd. The staff will be meeting again on Oct. 4th, to determine if they should restart on Oct. 11th. Watch for more information.



Our next picnic potluck will be September 25th, after church, at the home of Michael & Amy Norton, 1720 Loop road in Fortuna. Bring the usual picnic for your tribe, sunscreen, blankets, and chairs. We will be celebrating Ben’s birthday as well as anyone else that has a birthday that week. Dessert will be provided and there will be some fun activities for the children.


Church History

OCTOBER 2021 (#30) Another small church in our area that is now extinct was located in Trinidad. It was first organized in 1948 by Elder W.A. Nelson and within two years building of a sanctuary and rooms for Sabbath School, Dorcas and welfare activities was begun on property owned by Les Titus, a longtime member of the Trinidad church. Most of the labor was donated and local sawmill operators provided material generously so that lumber cost was small. The new church was situated by a picturesque clump of redwoods about 100 yards off Highway 101 on Westhaven Drive. A series of evangelistic meetings conducted by Elder Claude Hall of Arcata was begun soon after finishing construction.

Mr. Robert E. Brauer was temperance secretary for the church and together with his cousin, L.E. Brauer who held the same position in the Arcata church, sponsored a temperance booth at the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale. They showed temperance films interspersed with wire recordings on temperance subjects. (Yes, there were wire recorders before tape recorders.)

By 1959 the Trinidad church had conducted a Vacation Bible School for three summers with an average attendance of sixty-five. Robert Brauer also held a well-attended bible story hour for children in the nearby West Haven district resulting in many of these children becoming regular Sabbath School attendees. Another VBS was held in the church in 1963 with an attendance of at least 45 children. Pastor William Jamerson told stories of his first-hand experiences of mission life. In 1967 assistant Arcata pastor Bennie Meier took charge of the Trinidad church.

For many years Robert Brauer, Les Titus and their wives, along with Tom and Ruth Lincoln faithfully kept the little church alive. The Lincolns drove the 40 miles each week from their home in Fortuna to help with services in Trinidad. After retiring from the full-time ministry in Fortuna, Elder and Mrs. Bill Hilliard led the Trinidad group for some time.

By May, 2006 there were only eight remaining members, only four of whom lived locally, and the little church voted to disband. The next month the church was rented to the Big Lagoon Community Church which used the facility for about two years after which time the building sat vacant and then was put up for sale by the Northern California Conference Association, the legal owners.

Submitted by Merlin Anderson







Tithes & offering can be mailed in, brought to the office on Tues./Thurs/, placed in the offering boxes in the lobby during church or you can access the on-line giving on the church website.



Our nominating committee members for 2021 are: Adrian Dumitrescu, Marie Aldinger, Nathan Wikander, Julie Rowe & Rita Roberts. Please pray over this team as they choose our leaders for the next two years. Thank them for giving up a night a week of their own time. Besides prayer, saying “YES” when they call is the best way to help them. Pray for our hearts to be open to serve Jesus when asked to minister to our own church family.




We have had a great start to the year at FJA.  Students have enjoyed the beautiful weather and learned about gardening and harvesting in our garden class with Miss Emily, and with a special harvest visit from Mr. Badzik.  In Bible class we will be studying the Great Controversy this year. Each week, we enjoy a wonderful weekly worship with Pastor Freedman. Some students are also enjoying the Mon./Wed. Karate class in the school parking lot. 

We also had our work bee and crossed every project off, so A BIG THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers who made it possible!  Special thanks also to our regular volunteers with special projects, Lane, Barbara, Tim, and Phillip; and to our weekly classroom volunteers Mrs. O, Miss Cindy, and Miss Sarah.  You all make the school a better place.

Jamie Burzo and the FJA Staff




OCT. 09            40 DAYS PRESENTATION

OCT. 10            40 DAYS OF PRAYER BEGINS

OCT. 12            ELDER’S MEETING 7:00

OCT. 16            PICNIC POTLUCK AT FJA 1:00

OCT. 21            CHURCH BOARD 6:30




Rita Roberts still carries vegetarian canned and frozen foods. Call her to see what she has in stock. Thanks Rita for continuing to do this for us!!



Last month’s “Mystery Member” was (drum roll…) KERRY FREEDMAN.


1. I flew an airplane when I was 19.

2. My great Grandfather was known for catching gophers.

3. I was in Germany before & after the Berlin wall came down.

4. Not having to wash dishes was in my wedding vows.

5. I was born in the Old North state.

6. I have been to the North Pole.

7. I have lived in Missouri.

WHO AM I????



Here is a health nugget about boosting your “brain” health. This info came from the depression/anxiety recovery program that the Health Team recently presented. This recovery program has tools & information for you whether you suffer from these symptoms or not, & how God can be part of your recovery.

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.” Matt.19:2

Nutrition for the brain.

Omega 3 fats are an essential part of the diet for good regulating overall brain health. Flax seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to be mood lifting and possibly help combat depression. Several studies have found that increasing the omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can aid in preventing major depressive disorders and boost brain power. Below is a short list of the best plant based foods that have omega- 3 fats. In general, we need 1,000-4,000mg per day.

Flax seeds (ground) are an easy way to get omega-3 in your diet. Buy the flax seed whole and grind enough for a week or so at a time and keep refrigerated. Keep the whole flax seed in the freezer to keep it fresh. Use 1-2 tbs. in your oats, yogurt, scramble, salad or whatever you like on a daily basis. 1 tbs. delivers 1,470mg.

Plant foods containing omega-3 (linolenic acid)

Food item amount omega-3 (mg)

Flaxseed/linseed oil 1 tbs 7,529

Walnuts, English (chopped) ¼ cup 2,043

Flax seeds ground 1 tbs 1,470

Canola oil 1 tbs 1,267

Flax-nut sprinkle recipe (high omega-3 content)

¼ cup walnuts ground

¼ cup flax meal

1 tbs date sugar (I omit this)

1/8 tsp salt (I omit this too)

Mix and serve over toast, cereal , scramble etc.

Makes about 9 tablespoons 1 tbs=875mg omega-3.

Remember that if you need someone to talk to about your health journey or information on the recovery program you can call on someone on the health committee and they would be glad to talk to you.

May god bless you and may you prosper and be in good health!

Your sister in Christ,

Julie Rowe



Our Community Service Center continues to serve and reach out to our community in many ways.

Dorcas and the food bank are gearing up for the Christmas give-a-way which will be on December 15th, 10-4. We will be helping them out as usual but in a different way. Stay tuned for more information on that

Tabitha’s is full to the brim with donations. People from Arcata, Mckinleyville and Eureka have been showing up saying they had heard how great Tabitha’s is. Last week they brought in over $2500. God is truly blessing this ministry and Larry and Sherry as they manage it! Thanks for your tireless work for our community and center!

Sean says the garden is going wonderful. All the plots are blooming with harvest bounty this fall. They will soon be winter planting broccoli, garlic and onions. They have been blessed with donations and grants. They are looking in to coordinating with local schools. The schools currently have a program where on Fridays they load up weekend food bags for kids to take home to ensure they have food for the weekend for their families. The garden may be part of that ministry.

P.S. They are looking for 1 or 2 Spanish speaking volunteers to help them out at the Give-A-Way. If you are available, give Cherie or Rhonda a call.

Also, the FCSC needs two church members that are not on the FCSC board to volunteer to attend the October 17th FCSC Constituency meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the center. If you are willing to represent the church at this meeting, please call Cindy and she will pass the info on to Rhonda


SoHum Nurse Named ‘Healthcare Hero’

SoHum Health release: 

Adelaida Yanez, RN


A Nurse at Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville has been selected as a 2021 Healthcare Hero by the California Association of Health Facilities. Adelaida Yanez, RN was one of twelve individuals who work in long-term care across the entire state to be selected for this award.

Adelaida is an integral part of the team providing high-quality care for skilled nursing residents at Jerold Phelps Community Hospital. Through the diligence and care of Adelaida and all of the hospital staff, the facility has had zero positive COVID-19 cases within residents to date. In September 2020, when the devastating August Complex wildfire burned within 10-miles of the skilled nursing facility, Adelaida helped lead the evacuation of residents to Fortuna. She was also instrumental in SoHum Health’s vaccination effort in early 2021, when Jerold Phelps Community Hospital was the only provider of COVID-19 vaccines within a fifty-mile radius.

Adelaida Yanez, RN has been a leader in the fight against COVID-19 in Southern Humboldt and beyond. SoHum Health extends a heartfelt congratulations and sincere gratitude for her contributions to their stellar team of healthcare professionals. Adelaida will receive her award at the California Association of Health Facilities Annual Convention in Palm Springs this November. 

Jerold Phelps Community Hospital is part of a family of health services provided by SoHum Health. SoHum Health’s services also include Southern Humboldt Community Clinic, Garberville Pharmacy, and Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center. For more information visit or call (707) 923-3921.



                                  Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 87 No. 9           Published by the Fortuna SDA Church       September 2021 

From Pastor Dan

Dear Church Family,

On Friday, August 20th Fortuna Junior Academy reopened for the 2021-2022 school year. My question for you is, why do we sacrifice our time, talents, and resources to keep Fortuna Junior Academy open?

First, our school tends to have low student-to-teacher ratios. Lower student-to-teacher ratios allow our teachers to develop close relationships with their students which are key to their intellectual and emotional growth and learning. A close teacher-student relationship helps students feel known, understood, believed in, and challenged to be their best.

Secondly, Fortuna Junior Academy instills a love of learning in students. Our curriculum engages students, taps into their natural curiosity, and stokes their desire to learn; creating lifelong learners who thrive in school and beyond.

Thirdly, our school can teach Biblical values about marriage, family, and lifestyle. We can teach a Christian world view of creation, the great controversy between good and evil and the plan of salvation. We teach we are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ and in Him alone. We see education as a journey that begins now and continues for all eternity.

Fourthly, with lower student-to-teacher ratios, Fortuna Junior Academy can tailor their lessons to their students’ unique skills, interests, passions, and curiosities. Our teacher can meet every child where they’re at academically and push students forward with the right balance of challenge and nurture. As a result, students feel confident and assured in their academic abilities throughout their learning journey.

Fifthly, we teach and celebrate character traits like honesty, respect, self-control, and cooperation that are integral to both academic achievement and success in life. Fortuna Junior Academy recognizes the importance of character education and builds it into their curriculum intentionally rather than treating it as an add on. This creates an environment where students feel secure knowing their classmates value honesty and respect; perform better academically because they can practice self-control; and become the best versions of themselves because they feel more confident.

Finally, Fortuna Junior Academy prepares their students for the future with academically challenging curriculum that incorporates tough-to-teach skills like critical thinking, collaboration, proactiveness and practical application. We prepare each student to be a leader, and to shape the world for good.

As we begin this new school year please pray for our staff and students and support Fortuna Junior Academy with your time, talents, and resources. Thank you for your support. May God richly bless you.

Pastor Dan



Are you ready? Pathfinders are finally re-starting. The 1st meeting will be Monday, September 13th. The Pathfinder staff have been working to revamp their program and are eager to be back with the kids. Not just to teach them a skill or an honor, but also teaching them about Jesus in the process. Let’s remember the Pathfinder staff and our Pathfinder kids in prayer. For more information, call Chris Miller. (This could change if COVID restrictions or mandates change.)


                                                    FJA NEWS

School has started!! Ms.Burzo is back and we are thankful for that!! Please pray for her continued healing. We have 9 students currently enrolled. As Pastor wrote, let’s continue to pray for the staff and students at FJA.


On September 12th the school will be hosting an Open House/Work bee. Beginning at 10:00 a.m. At 10:30 the parents of students will meet with Jamie and join after. Water and snacks provided. Between 1:00 and 2:00 when we wind down, late lunch will be provided. Come and help out for a bit. Don’t forget to check out the FCSC Garden while you are there.



                                                OFFERING SCHEDULE

SEPT. 4       Local Budget                           SEPT. 11 World Budget

SEPT. 18     Local Budget                           SEPT. 25 Local Conf.

Even though we are not “collecting” the offerings each week, the offering box is still in the lobby as well as the schoolhouse box. We have noticed some decline in offerings which we understand but we want to make sure that the reason is not because we don’t know where to turn it in. We want to make sure every knows the above. In addition you can mail your offerings in, drop them by on Tues/Thurs., or do on-line giving.

YTD we are over $13,000 Short


                                                   MYSTERY MEMBER

                                                          WHO AM I

The First person who contacts Cindy with the correct answer will receive a donated, $10 Starbuck’s gift card.


1. I was born in Hinsdale, IL

2. I flew in a plane with a “Baer”

3. I still had 8 baby teeth at age 16…..had to have them all pulled so the adult teeth could drop down

4. I have lived in 22 homes.

5. When I got my birth certificate at age 14, it had me down as “male” and I am not

6. I rode an elephant

7. I had four children

8. I lost my first tooth at age 9


                                                       CHURCH HISTORY

September 2021 FOCUS (#30)

The history of the church in Petrolia continues:

In 1947 the Humboldt District of SDA churches was divided between two pastors. One of those, Elder C.N. Kohler, was assigned to the church in Petrolia as well as Eureka, Eel Rock and Fortuna. Three sisters, Minnie Rackliff, Martha Hunter and Addie Clark who lived in Petrolia bought the church building from the Methodists and for many years were instrumental in keeping the church alive and thriving. Addie Clark was the grandmother of Dorothy Price of Eureka. Two of Minnie Rackliff’s daughters are Jeannie Buchanan of Castle Rock, Washington and Helen Etter a recently baptized member of our church and a Fortuna Resident. They tell of their experiences in the Petrolia church when they were so small their legs stuck straight out from the fold-up seats.

Their grandfather, Clark Rackliff would drive Minnie to the church each Sabbath and on cold mornings start a fire in the wood stove. Helen remembers the big wood stove and the heat generated by it filling the sanctuary up to the high ceilings, the old outhouse back behind the church (which wasn’t used much), and no electricity. Martha had the offering and mission part usually and Minnie kept the church books. Sabbath School was a big part for the girls who dressed in their finest starched dress and polished saddle shoes, feeling so happy each Sabbath on the short walk home. They remember the big poster pictures on a flip stand that go along with the story and memory verse cards made by their grandmothers. Minnie played the pump organ and the girls remember singing such songs as “Little Feet Be Careful,” “The Old Rugged Cross,” and “In the Garden.” Attendance was small in those days and sometimes children out-numbered adults. At Christmas they got bags of hard candy and nuts and an orange, and sometimes a book.

Mary Jo Renner,  Jeannie & Helen’s cousin, remembers Jeannie & Helen staying with her family (Les & Gloria Martin family) so they could attend high school in Ferndale.

Some years later a VBS was held in Petrolia and Fortuna pastors, assistant pastors and church members like Timothy Whitchurch and others held church services and special meetings in Petrolia through the years. In the early 1960’s Orville & Cara Sholes faithfully kept the church going. In 1962 the church was rewired, the stairs were repaired and new pier blocks replaced the old foundation. In 1989 Elder Jan Doward, a retired teacher, writer and minister, moved to Ferndale and volunteered the responsibility of keeping an Adventist presence in Petrolia and the church open. He and his wife Lonnie faithfully drove the winding road through the mountains to Petrolia every Sabbath to conduct services.

In 2014 Elder Doward’s health had declined and Terry and Gina Gustin then took up the challenge of leading out in Petrolia, holding weekly services and recently also a Share Him series of meetings. COVID closed the church for several months but now it is open again with eight members and four non-members, all living in the Mattole Valley, attending regularly and three others occasionally making weekly attendance anywhere from 4 to 12. Currently Terry and Gina are teaching Adventist beliefs and they plan to start video-recording the church service for those who cannot attend. Pastor Freedman goes to Petrolia the second Sabbath of each quarter and assists with communion.

Both Jeannie Buchanan and Helen Etter say it was fond memories of their mother sending them to Sabbath School, their grandmother’s prayers, and that little church tucked away in a remote corner of Humboldt County that is the reason they are Seventh-day Adventists today. Blessings to those who continue to keep that little church alive today.

 Submitted by Merlin Anderson                    


                                                RUMMAGE SALE

Our junk was someone else’s treasure last weekend. The FJA rummage sale made approximately $5000.00 give or take! Thank you Jesus for that blessing and for helping Tim find his keys!!

A HUGE THANK-YOU to Barbara Kanen

and her team! This sale is a challenging endeavor each year. We don’t see what goes on for weeks and months before the sale. To all of you, who worked with Barbara in this community ministry, THANK YOU. To everyone who brought breakfast or lunch to the volunteers, we THANK YOU too.

The community came to find a treasure and our loving volunteers showed them Jesus by striking up conversations and making that first connection. Every interaction is an opportunity to love!


                                                    Picnic potluck

 - at the Norton’s this Sabbath, the 28th after church. We hope to have a sing-a-long after so bring your voice with you and if you play an instrument, bring it as well. Don’t forget your lunch, sun-screen, chairs or blankets. 1720 Loop Road, the North end, off Rohnerville Road.


                                           NOMINATING COMMITTEE

There will be nominating committee ballots in the bulletins tomorrow. Please pray for those nominated to this committee and also for how each of us may serve if asked.



HART – COVID has again halted the in person intakes for now. All HART staff & volunteers must now be vaccinated per Dept. of Health Care Svc. TABITHA’S – Only 1 volunteer at the store that is unvaccinated, but she always wears a mask. Tawnya will provide N95 masks for her. Tabitha’s is flooded with donations. Many donations are from people moving, as well as a large donation from the FJA rummage sale.

DORCAS – Doing well, clients that are vaccinated can go in the food room & gather their own food. Our food pantry is very well-stocked. We are also blessed with lots of clothing.

*In need of blankets for winter*

Garden – An anonymous donor is giving the garden 10x’s what the VBS kids donated during the summer. If you remember, that was over a $100…!!!!! Do the math!!! All the current garden plots are full & taken at this time Sean is doing an awesome job.


                                                                Business meeting

September 12th at 6:30 we will hold a church business meeting, downstairs at the church. We will have you come in through the downstairs doors. On the Agenda will be Church needs and FJA needs. This is an important meeting that we need everyone’s input on. Major decisions need to be discussed. Consider this the official agenda notification for the meeting. Copies of the agenda will also be in the lobby.


                                                   Health Corner

Imagine you have a buffet table before you, you get one plate, then another. It seems like you could keep going forever. One and a half hours later, 4 plates in, you finally feel stuffed and call it quits. Ever been in a situation like this? It could be a Thanksgiving meal, a Sabbath potluck, you name it. Our body’s do have mechanisms in place to keep our sometimes extravagant appetite in check but unfortunately a lot of these mechanisms are overridden by the quality of food we eat. One major food curbing mechanism that our body has is what is called the “ileal break” Essentially the ileum (the last part of the small intestine before food gets emptied into the colon) acts as a sensor. When undigested food is detected in the ileum, it sends a signal out to the rest of the body curbing our appetite. Interestingly enough, low-fiber foods (which is what most of the American diet consists of) actually get absorbed fairly quickly and never quite travel down far enough in the intestine in order to activate that mechanism and stop us from overeating. Which is one reason why high fiber foods are important to consume when attempting to curb our appetites. Another interesting scientific discovery however points to further detail on how a high fiber diet suppresses the appetite in more ways than just this one. 

There are two fairly rapidly working appetite suppressant hormones (or anoretic hormones) called PYY and GLP-1 that are secreted by specialized L cells lining the colon. Many of us would love to have our appetite suppressed. So what can we do, you might ask, to encourage those L cells to excrete more of these anoretic hormones so that our body will help stop us from eating  more than we need? Let’s break down the physiology behind this mechanism. The fiber we consume is transformed into Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) by our good gut bacteria. Interestingly enough, L cells actually have tons of Free Fatty Acid Receptors covering their surface and they are primed and ready to latch on to any SCFAs present in the gut. Once the L cells are presented with some SCFAs (that result from fiber breakdown), the L cells begin producing PYY and GLP-1 galore. These hormones then pass into the bloodstream where they travel directly to the appetite center of our brains and turn down our appetite and cravings. 

Bottom line, if you are looking for weight loss, one of the simplest, most natural, and easiest ways to start is by ramping up the quantity of fiber-rich foods in your diet thus curbing your appetite. Get a food journaling app and begin to monitor how much fiber you are having on the daily at each meal. If you are getting less than 20 g of fiber/day, your body is seriously lacking. Across the board, I recommend people should be getting up to 40 g of fiber/day. Including more fiber in your diet looks like adding more variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts/seeds to your daily meal plan. Begin activating your appetite suppressing hormones today and get on your way to a healthier body weight and lifestyle. 

Karina Brinckhaus-O’shaughnessey

**References: Greger, M. (2019). How Not to Diet. New York, NY: Flatiron**



                             Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 87 No. 8           Published by the Fortuna SDA Church       August 2021


From Pastor Dan

Recently, I read about the flooding taking place in Europe, particularly in Germany. As my heart and prayers go out to those who are suffering, it reminds of a story Lawrence Maxwell wrote about many years ago.

He begins by writing; the radio announcer said, “There is a flood coming,” Bill told his dad at the breakfast table one morning. “Another flood scare,” his father replied. “Fortunately we have nothing to worry about. Pass the toast, please.”

No one in Maitland, Australia, was worried that February morning some time ago. There had been talks of floods before, but the little water that came over the banks, never did much damage, certainly nothing worth getting excited about.

At noon the radio said, “The Hunter River is now 32 feet deep. Police advise all residents in low lying areas to prepare to move.”

Unfortunately, no one moved.

At five o’clock the radio said, “River is thirty six feet, rising rapidly. Police advise all in flood areas to move to higher ground. Will advise by half hourly bulletins throughout the night. Keep close to your radios.”

Two a.m., “River almost forty feet. Calling all available men to sandbag the riverbanks. Spencer Dam in danger of breaking. Cummings Dam showing signs of leakage. Six foot wall of water coming down to Maitland. All residents in flood areas move at once. Do not delay any longer. Move now!”

You would have thought with such an earnest plea that everyone would have moved at once. But they did not.

At 6:30 a.m. Pastor G.J. Parker, of the Maitland Seventh-day Adventist Church went into town to plead with folks to come out. No one answered his plea. They told him, “No thank you, we will be all right. You will see, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Three hours passed. Those same people who refused to leave were now climbing onto their roof tops trying to stay ahead of the rising waters. Sadly, worse was to come. The dams burst sending a twenty foot wave into Maitland. Houses were lifted off their foundation. Those who were on their rooftops were eventually swept away and drowned.

I know we have been proclaiming the soon coming of Jesus for almost 180 years and He has not come yet. It may cause some to delay, to wait to make a decision thinking that they have plenty of time to do it later. But listen to the words of Paul, “Today is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6:2). Also, Jesus reminds us, “You also must be ready, because the Son of man will come at an hour when you are not expecting Him.” (Matthew 24:44).

Please don’t put off getting ready for Jesus to come. As the radio announcer said, “Move now, do not delay any longer.” You will be glad you did. May God richly bless you!

Pastor Dan





Picnic Potluck




The Fortuna church has long been closely associated with the little church at Petrolia which dates back to about 1882. Elder McClure held an evangelistic campaign there and soon members of the Adventist church outnumbered any of the other churches. Membership fluctuated greatly through the years and it was in August of 1912 that the president of the Northwestern California Conference visited Petrolia. Here’s his report of that visit:

"What a change it was, -- from a great city, teeming with a multitude of unwarned souls, to a great, sparsely settled district; from rows of crowded flats, paved streets, and condensed wickedness, to verdant fields, forests of great trees, and hospitable people.

We landed in Eureka, July 17, and one week later, started for Petrolia, in the southern part of the county. For fifty miles, our outfit had to be taken by team; and after three days' journey in a heavy wagon, we arrived at our destination, just in time to pitch a tent before the Sabbath began.

We began meetings August 1, in a 20 x 30 tent, and the attendance was good from the start. The message had been preached in the valley twice before, once by Elder McClure, and again about five years ago, by Elders Wheeler and Lake. However, a good interest was manifest, and people received us gladly, with few exceptions. Literature was placed in most of the homes, and the offerings were generous.

An unruly element gave us trouble from the beginning; but no serious disturbance occurred, until the night the tent was saturated with kerosene and burned. The meetings were continued in the Methodist church for two weeks, without any further disturbance, and six persons took a definite stand for the truth. Others who are deeply interested have not made a decision, but we hope for more fruit. A good live Sabbath school was organized, and a missionary spirit is manifest."

Between 1910 and 1915 there were between six and nine members who were regularly meeting in private homes. It wasn’t until 1917 that the church officially organized, still meeting in the homes of members. About 1923-24 three Adventist sisters, Martha Hunter, Addie Clark and Minnie Rackliff, purchased the Methodist Church building in Petrolia for $1,000 and donated it to the Adventist church. Addie Clark was the grandmother of Dorothy Price, a long-time member of the Eureka church, and Minnie Rackliff was the grandmother of Jeannie Buchanan, who now lives in Castle Rock, Washington.

Eric B. Hare (M. V. Secretary of the Conference) was visiting churches in Humboldt County in 1937 and wrote the following:

"On my way to Petrolia, the first visit I had ever made to this little company, a storm broke and for about an hour while I was stuck and couldn't get up a slippery hill, I actually wished that I was driving a bullock wagon instead of a car. But in spite of the deluging storm nineteen friends and members gathered in the little community church and bravely declared they were glad they came."

(The story of the Petrolia church will conclude next month.)

Submitted by Merlin Anderson





It’s been 3 years, but it’s that time again. Those nominated at the end of 2017 had originally agreed to serve 2 years, 2018-2020. With COVID, they graciously agreed to serve an additional year!! Bless you and Thank you! You have another star in your crown!!

It will soon be time to start the nominating process again! Oh joy! Life seems so hard and hectic today. The last 20 months have worn us all out. Stress, kids, parents, health, jobs, marriages, over-scheduling, ect. All easy reasons to justify why we can’t serve. I know my gut reaction is to try and find a reason not to. If Jesus asked me to my to face to serve in a church office, would my answer be an excuse? Cuz they will be asking you to serve Jesus when they call you.

We are a loving, talented, smart, warm and compassionate group of people. EVERYONE brings something to the table, no matter where you are in your walk. You don’t need to be perfect, trained, young, old, experienced or the best. You just need Jesus.

Here’s a math problem. …… If only 15 out of 120 members are responsible for holding down over 40 church positions…..what percent of them will become discouraged with church?




FJA registration will be August 16th 10:00-1:00 and August 17th 1:00 - 6:00. The first day of school will be on Friday, August 20th. Enrollment is up a bit!! Please pray that even more will register.





                                                 FJA Rummage Sale



                                                       MYSTERY MEMBER

Run over by a truck when I Was 10 years old.

Had a Whizzer motor bike as a kid.

Worked with migrant farm workers for awhile as a teen.

Worked awhile at a sawmill on the log pond & planer chain.

Was a photographer for a newspaper.

Worked for the U.S. Forest Service six seasons.

Traveled in Mexico and 4 Central American countries.


Who Am I?????


                                           Bowlby - Hartzell Wedding

RyAnn Bowlby and Joshua Hartzell will be married August 2021.  Due to Covid guests are limited.  For more information and the Wedding Registry, their story and pictures go to


                                                     PIANO CONCERT

             Kendol Bacchus will have a piano concert in the church on august 21st from 7:00-8:00

“Kendol Bacchus brings to today's world-music soundscape a pianism that is eclectic, melodic, and deeply emotional. His varied approaches to piano music offer unique poetic genres and colors. You will find his music to be both reflective and introspective.”

Immediately following the concert there will be a reception over at the community center. Kendol’s CD’s will be available for purchase. For more information on Kendol go to,






                              Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 87 No. 7           Published by the Fortuna SDA Church       July 2021


From Pastor Dan


Many years ago a fire broke out in a high rise building, the flames leaping from floor to floor. On the top floor the firemen could see the horror filled faces of several people trapped up there awaiting certain death.

Ladders were brought up, but the tallest ladder was not tall enough to reach the top of the building. So the firemen spliced one long ladder to another and so they could reach the top. Now in that fire department only one man had the strength and stamina to climb that high. While a gathering crowd watched, this fireman climbed the ladder and safely brought back the first person. He went up again and again, bringing people down the ladder on his back until everyone he saw was rescued. Finally, the fireman laid down, gasping for breath.

As the fire chief searched the building for anyone else to be saved he noticed a little boy on the top floor. He quickly ran over to the fireman and said, “You have to go back up the ladder one more time.”

The fireman, exhausted, didn’t even open his eyes. He whispered, “I can’t, I’m spent, I have nothing left.” “You have to go! There is a child up there!” The chief’s intense words brought the fireman back to reality. Slowly he got up and made his way over to the ladder. He wearily put one hand above the other and one leg above the other. He could see the scared face eight stories above the ground. Four stories he climbed. Five stories. Six. Then he stopped to catch his breath. The chief’s eye was on him. He grabbed his megaphone and started saying, “You can do this. Don’t give up. You can make it.” The fireman once again started to climb. He went to the window where the boy was at. “I’ll turn sideways, and you too so you can climb on my back,” he told the young boy. “Look up, never look down, hold on tight and we will make it.”

When the crowd saw him coming down the ladder with the boy they began cheering and applauding the fireman’s efforts. The little boy leaned in close to the fireman’s ear and said, “Thank you, I knew you’d come and get me.” Jesus is the only One who can rescue us from destruction and eternal ruin. There is absolutely nothing we can do to save ourselves. All our efforts will lead to disaster. Just as the people were stuck on the roof of the burning building with no way out, so are we in this planet of sin. The only thing we can do is trust in Jesus. We
have to rely upon His strength to remain safe. We must hold on to Him and not look down. Finally, tell Him, “Thank you, for saving me!”

May God richly bless you and save you in His coming kingdom.
Pastor Dan



The graduates want to thank their church family for attending their celebration. They are blessed by the cards, gifts, well-wishes and love they received from you!!



As usual, there will be no Pathfinders during the summer months. Chris and his team of leaders are working on developing a new curriculum and program. They are eagerly waiting for Pathfiders to re-start on September 13 th . If you know someone who would like to join Pathfinders, have them call Chris. Let’s remember the leaders and the kids in prayer.



Beginning Monday, June 28 th , this recovery workshop program will be held each Monday evening, 6:00-8:30. Drs. Ruben & Nathan Brinckhaus will be presenting the program. It will continue each Monday evening through August 16 th , upstairs at the FCSC. SPACE IS LIMITED!

Register by calling or texting Claudia Velasco @ 707-601-7141. There is a cost involved to cover materials etc. There may be financial assistance in some cases.




Sabbath, July 3 rd is our prayer and fasting Sabbath. If interested, the group will meet after church for prayer in the Blue Room.


Church History #28

The following bits of history may bring back some memories to those who have been members of the Fortuna church for many years:

Elder Pogue’s church orchestra composed of youth and adults. Some who played in that orchestra were Beverly, Sandra & Cindy Dobyns, Judy & Merry Werner, Dr. Meller, Carl Johnson, Cecil Williams, Steve & Charlotte Fleckner, Ruth & Wayne Silsbee, Steve Humbert, Susie Jo Anderson, Leslie Jacobson, Lola & Pastor Pogue.

Charlie Tanner who made large two-story collapsible dollhouses for little girls. He gave his 28 th doll house to Elsena & Verna Toppenberg. I wonder if any ladies today still have one of those houses they received when they were little.

Lowell Kanen’s birds that he assembled from driftwood and sold for Sabbath School Investment.

Harvest Ingathering – Christmas Caroling: A yearly fund-raising ritual beginning right after Thanksgiving.

The two-level Rostrum: There were originally two rostrum levels in the sanctuary. The lower one for Sabbath School use with a small pulpit and a higher one with a larger pulpit for use only during the church worship service.

A major remodeling of the church in 1974: The original oak pulpit was replaced with a Formica pulpit to match the pews. (More recently Chuck Lloyd built our beautiful current pulpit out of curly redwood donated by Sam Wendt.) The church was carpeted, the two-level rostrum was remodeled to make one level, the basement
restrooms were remodeled and a study was added for the assistant pastor. During the seven weeks of remodeling, services were held in Landis Hall at FJA. The foyer was also enlarged and a restroom added to accommodate people who had difficulty navigating the stairs to the lower level.

The 1979 Anniversary Home-coming: Every former pastor from the time of Elder Clyde Bradley to 1979 and several former associate pastors and both bible workers were present for the celebration.

The Laotian refugees who fled Southeast Asia were sponsored by Lin and Karen Chilson. The latest family, the Saechao family, had spent four and a half years in a Thailand refugee camp. Some of these Laotian children attended FJA and are still in our local community. You may have bought strawberries from them down at their farm on Eel River Drive.

Building the Community Service Center & the parsonage on Ross Hill Road. Elder Don Bush, Lowell Kanen, Walt Jorgensen and Ed Stockton, along with other church members completed these two major building projects.

The Community Service Center Kitchen Fire: The damage was fortunately limited to the kitchen and dining area.

The Drive-Through Live Nativity: This annual Christmas event began in 2002 under the direction of Colleen Fillman and continues today.

Inspiring Hope: A ministry to the local homeless began in 2010 under the direction of Chuck & Becky Lloyd. Hot meals were served to the homeless every Friday evening.

Spanish Language Services: By the 1990’s there were enough Spanish-speaking members in the church to start services in their native language. Originally meeting in the Community Service Center they later moved their
services to the church basement and joined the English services in the main sanctuary one Sabbath each month.

The “9:25”: No, it wasn’t a train. It was a special music feature each Sabbath at 9:25 a.m. as an incentive for people to arrive early for Sabbath School.

Submitted by Merlin Anderson


Brown Bag Potluck

July's Brown Bag Potluck will be on July 17 at 1:30 out at the Bertholf home.  Bring your sack lunch, chairs, drink, blanket, sunscreen and hat.  Their address is 330 Golden Gate Drive.  Head out Hwy 36 toward Bridgeville for about 19 miles.  Golden Gate Drive will be on your right.  Turn right and follow it for about 0.2 miles.  Their house or Helen's house is yellow.  One of the two anyway.  Plenty of places to park!  Takes about 35 minutes from the church according to Google.  If you want more clarification, better call Connie.



This coming Sabbath, June 26 th , the kids from VBS will be presenting our worship service. This may be the perfect time to invite someone to church. Everyone loves watching the kids. Hope to see you there!


Each Month we will feature a “Monthly Mystery Member”. There will be several clues about this
person. If you think you know who it is, shoot me an e-mail or text or leave a message on the church
voicemail. Be prepared for me to contact you at some point to be the “Mystery Member” for that month.
Start writing down 8-10 things that most people wouldn’t’ know about you. Things we could not possibly imagine are part of your life story. We would like funny or unusual clues. Nothing too serious as we want this to be mostly light hearted. We hope that we can get to know one another a little better.

     1.I had a plane but couldn’t fly.
     2. I’ve lived in Humboldt Co. my entire life.
     3. My high school graduation was 20 years before my college graduation.
     4. Went to a one room schoolhouse from 1 st through 8 th grade.
     5. My home has been in my family for 100 years.
     6. Lost a home in a flood.
     7. Been widowed twice
     8.The Dr. who delivered me was Dr. Cottrell

Now send me your guesses!! There may be a small prize.!!


Third Quarter Supplies

3rd quarter materials will be in the lobby this Sabbath. The changes that you just made will not go in to effect until 4 th Quarter in October. If you need to get your materials brought to you, please, please don’t call members yourself! (Unless it is a family member that gets them for you anyway) Leave a message at the church office and we will contact someone on our list of willing drivers. We have some volunteers that have been awakened in the early morn., or late evening by members wanting them to come get them their periodicals.
These drivers do not have the ability to come to the church and open the church and come in and get them, other than Tuesdays or Thursdays. They do not have keys. We don’t want to lose them, so please let me know 1 st .